Wednesday - 04/28/21
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US 🦅

CDC updates guidelines on wearing masks

  • On Tuesday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its coronavirus health guidelines, announcing that fully vaccinated people can go outdoors without wearing a mask, but only in small groups
  • So far, nearly 30% of people in the US have been fully vaccinated. The CDC considers people fully vaccinated two weeks after the second dose of the Pfizer or Maderna vaccines or two weeks after the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine


Oklahoma and Montana pass anti-abortion legislation

  • On Monday, Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed three bills restricting abortion access, including a law that criminalizes healthcare providers who perform the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detected 
  • On Monday, Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte also signed three bills targeting abortion access, including a ban on abortions 20 weeks after gestation and restrictions on access to abortion pills


Human rights group accuses Israel of apartheid and persecution

  • On Tuesday, the human rights group Human Rights Watch stated that Israel is guilty of international crimes of apartheid and persecution due to its discriminatory policies towards Palestinians 
  • In a 213-page report, the group argued that Israel “demonstrated an intent to maintain the domination” over Palestinians through “systematic oppression” and “inhumane acts.” Israel’s Foreign Ministry called the report “preposterous and false”


Doordash announces new pricing options for restaurants

  • The third-party delivery service DoorDash announced new pricing plan options for restaurants to choose from after receiving criticism for their high commission fees 
  • DoorDash will now offer three plans where restaurants pay commission rates of 15%, 25%, or 30% per order. Each plan will also include a different delivery radius


Toyota acquires Lyft’s self-driving division

  • On Tuesday, it was announced that Woven Planet Holdings, a Toyota subsidiary, carried out an acquisition for the self-driving unit of the American ride-hailing company Lyft for $550 million
  • The acquisition means that Woven Planet will be able to use Lyft’s system and data to speed up commercialization and have access to Tokyo, Palo Alto, California, and London as locations for development


Thousands of barrels filled with toxic DDT found dumped in the Pacific Ocean

  • Marine scientists say they have discovered at least 25,000 barrels dumped off the southern California coast that possibly contain the toxic chemical DDT
  • While the long-term effects of DDT on marine life and humans are still unknown, past studies have investigated high amounts of DDT found in bottlenose dolphins and the multi-generational impacts of DDT in humans


  • Government 🏛️. Biden nominates Texas sheriff to lead ICE
  • Travel ✈️. Vaccinate US travelers will be able to visit Europe again this summer
  • Business 💰. Crocs shares rise as sales increase
  • Food 🍔. Beyond Beat unveils new version of meatless burgers
  • Interesting 🔎. Prototype for first US dollar coin auctioned for $840,000

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