Tuesday - 06/02/20
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"If you felt unease watching that Target being looted, try to imagine how it must feel for black Americans when they watch themselves being looted every single day. Police in America are looting black bodies.”
-Trevor Noah, The Daily Show

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Trump threatens use of military to quell violence

  • On Monday, President Trump stated he would return order to America by using the military if the violence has not stopped
  • Trump claimed that he would invoke a rarely used law dating back to 1807, the Insurrection Act, to end the violent protests
  • The president also said that justice would be served for George Floyd and that he along with many others are “rightly sickened and revolted” by the video of Floyd’s murder
Further context: Episcopal bishop of Washington DC slams President Trump for clearing protesters with tear gas so he could walk to burned St. John's Church and 'use it as a prop' for a photo op with a Bible


Hong Kong police block Tiananmen Square vigil citing coronavirus concerns

  • The police in Hong Kong have denied requests from organizers to hold an annual vigil for victims of the Tiananmen Square massacre, citing coronavirus concerns
  • This is the first time in 30 years the organizers have been denied permission
  • The rally has been held yearly since 1990 to remember the lives lost on June 4, 1989, in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square where the Chinese military opened fire on citizens demanding economic and democratic reform
  • The Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China, which organized the vigil, has stated that its members still plan to enter Victoria Park to observe a moment of silence

US 🦅

White nationalist group linked to antifa twitter account that promoted violence

  • A Twitter account claiming to be a part of antifa that promoted violent rhetoric has been linked to the white nationalist group Identity Evropa
  • A Twitter spokesperson stated that the account violated the company’s platform manipulation and spam policy, specifically the creation of fake accounts
  • The account has been suspended by Twitter after a tweet that promoted violence


Amazon sees strong demand for pepper spray and Black Lives Matter merchandise as protests rage

  • Amazon’s recent Best Seller rankings are showing an increase in sales of pepper spray, Black Lives Matter merchandise, and racial justice literature
  • The company determines bestsellers based on sales volumes and updates the list hourly
  • The growth comes while protests continue to grow around the country as a result of the killing of George Floyd by the police in Minneapolis


Apple pays $100k to developer who discovers serious bug

  • Indian developer Bhavuk Jain has received a $100k bounty from Apple for finding a serious bug in its “Sign in with Apple” login system
  • The bug could have allowed malicious actors to take control of a user’s account on certain websites and apps
  • According to Jain, the bug involved Apple’s validation of users who utilized Sign in with Apple
  • A big selling point of the sign-in feature is the ability to prevent third-party apps or services from viewing your email address


Protests raise fear of a spike in coronavirus cases

  • Leaders and health officials have voiced their concern that the protests could lead to the rapid spread of the coronavirus
  • People across the country have been protesting the killing of George Floyd by gathering in large groups in public spaces
Live updates on BLM protests


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