MONDAY - 3/23/20
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Global death toll tops 13,000

  • Italy recorded record-breaking death tolls two days in a row this weekend. The country announced its biggest day-to-day increase of infections, which rose to 53,000 people, with nearly 800 new deaths
  • The U.S. has confirmed 27,000 cases and 347 deaths, trailing only Italy, China, and Spain in recorded infections
  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated that 114 people had died in the state, 63 of those being within New York City limits, and said hospital capacity needs to double to meet the anticipated need for beds to treat patients


56% of Americans approve of Trump’s handling of coronavirus crisis 

  • A new pair of surveys by ABC News/Ipsos and Axios/Harris show that a majority of Americans approve of Trump's handling of the ongoing coronavirus crisis
  • In the polls, Trump’s approval rating for his handling of the pandemic is higher than his general approval rating, with one pollster suggesting that it could provide Trump with a bump to improve his overall approval rating heading into November
  • Some political opponents have criticized Trump’s handling of the crisis, citing his claim that the virus is a “Democrat hoax
  • Polling director Tim Malloy stated: “Presidents tend to get a bump in wartime as Americans rally around the flag, so it would be no surprise that in a time of crisis the president’s approval rating took a turn in a more positive direction”


Emirates suspends all passenger flights, then reinstates them

  • Emirates Airlines has rescinded its initial move Sunday to suspend all passenger flights due to the coronavirus crisis following pressure from governments to remain in operation
  • Rather, Emirates has opted to operate flights to several global destinations based on customer demand and border accessibility
  • Emirates said Sunday that it will not cut jobs, but implement a temporary reduction in basic salary for the majority of its employees for three months, ranging from 25% to 50%

US 🦅

Trump offers help to North Korea

  • North Korea stated they have received a personal letter from President Donald Trump in which he expressed his willingness to help with global pandemic relief
  • In the letter, Trump "explained his plan to propel the relations between the two countries of the DPRK and the U.S. and expressed his intent to render cooperation in the anti-epidemic work”
  • Last month, Trump told foreign policy advisers that he does not want another summit with Kim before the presidential election in November


Apple updates Siri to help with coronavirus identification

  • Apple has updated its native assistant to respond to users who ask questions like “Hey Siri, do I have the coronavirus?”
  • Users will be asked if they’re exhibiting symptoms like fever, dry cough or shortness of breath; those with mild signs will be advised to stay home and avoid others
  • Anyone experiencing symptoms will be suggested to dial 911. Siri will also offer a link to the App Store for remote health services that could provide over-the-phone consultation

SPORTS 🏊‍♀️🏇🤾

Athletes call for Olympics postponement

  • Athletes around the world are calling for the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo to be postponed until the Covid-19 pandemic is under control
  • The Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, as of now, are still scheduled to go on as planned, an International Olympic Committee official stated
  • A delay or cancellation of the games is still on the table, though no immediate decision is being made. IOC officials are expected to observe global events over the coming weeks and make a judgment on the safety of athletes


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