THURSDAY - 06/25/20
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"Freedom is not a gift to keep, it is a baton to pass. We have not earned our freedom: we have inherited it. The best use of our freedom is to fight for those not yet free."
-Glennon Doyle

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Milwaukee DNC adjusts for COVID 

  • The Democratic National Convention, set to be held in Milwaukee, WI in August, will be almost entirely virtual. The DNC has set a tone of hope for the Biden campaign, whose staff hopes to “take the next step forward towards making Donald Trump a one-term president”
  • DNC organizers say that all large-scale events will be cancelled due to COVID and switched to virtual platforms, and “a process is being approved” to ensure delegates can successfully cast their votes remotely


Israeli annexation plan creates rift in UN and Arab League

  • President Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has vowed to annex up to 30% of the West Bank and parts of the Jordan Valley, a move inciting much outcry worldwide. Previously, the decision would not be approved by Israel's American allies, however Donald Trump’s recent Israeli-Palestinian peace plan introduced a radical shift in American policy towards Israel 
  • Citing the annexation as a violation against international law, UN Security General António Guterres and the Arab League have called upon Israel to abandon their plans of annexation in hopes for a peaceful resolution 
  • Any military action taken by Israel could result in a “religious war in and beyond our region,” as stated by Arab League secretary-general Ahmed Aboul Gheit

US 🦅

NYC protesters petition NYPD budget

  • Occupy City Hall” has made demands to New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to cut the New York Police Department’s $6 billion budget by at least $1 billion and reallocate funds to NYC social services
  • Funds would be appropriated to help provide services to those struggling with substance abuse, homelessness, and mental health complexities


Tesla receives pushback against bringing factories to Texas

  • Citizens of Austin, TX denounced Tesla’s plans to bring a factory to their city due to concerns about treatment of workers, the proposal’s impact on the local housing crisis, necessary tax breaks for the auto manufacturer, and CEO Elon Musk
  • Further, Tesla’s dropping stock values and rising number of quality issues make Austin residents leery of the economic effects that the auto manufacturer may bring to the area 


High levels of arsenic found inside Whole Foods brand bottled water

  • Starkey Spring Water, a water bottle manufactured by Whole Foods and sold by Amazon, was found by Consumer Reports to have 9.46-9.86 parts per billion arsenic, as quoted in two lawsuits against the manufacturer
  • Currently, the FDA hasn’t updated their water regulations on arsenic in 15 years, leading Consumer Reports to urge the administration to push the limit down to 3 parts per billion, a limit they say would adequately protect the public (and one that Starkey clearly violates)


Slack features could replace email for businesses

  • Slack, the proprietary business messaging platform, has introduced a revised platform known as Slack Connect. Slack Connect will allow up to 20 companies to collaborate on the workspace, sharing chat rooms and apps as an alternative to using email in the workplace
  • CEO Stewart Butterfield does not foresee Slack becoming the dominant form of e-communication outside of the workplace, nor does he want Slack to replace email. Rather, Butterfield sees the value in having a streamlined messaging platform dedicated to work 


  • Film🎞️. After removal, Gone with the Wind returns to HBO Max
  • Celebrities⭐. YouTube star Lele Pons speaks on her struggles with mental health
  • Interesting🔎. Failed restoration leaves famous artwork rather creepy
  • Sports 👟. World Anti-Doping Agency caught in between allegations of fraud from Russia and US demands
  • Wholesome🥰. “Hug tunnel” in Brazil allows senior citizens to safely hug their relatives

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