Friday - 10/09/20
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Trump refuses next virtual debate

  • Trump rejected a plan by the Commission on Presidential Debates on Thursday to hold the Oct. 15 debate virtually, stating “I’m not going to waste my time with a virtual debate”
  • The Biden campaign responded by scheduling a town hall in Philadelphia for the same evening, with ABC anchor George Stephanopoulos as moderator
  • Trump’s campaign manager went on to propose another debate to be held in person on Oct. 22, giving the president an extra week to recover from the coronavirus


South Caucasus region skirmish leads to international call for ceasefire 

  • Ethnic Armenians and Azeris in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan fought with heavy guns and artillery Thursday, prompting multiple countries to call for a ceasefire
  • The Kremlin said it invited foreign ministers from Armenia and Azerbaijan to take part in talks in Moscow on Friday, following a call between both countries’ leaders
  • Russia’s announcement marks the first result in international efforts to stem the fighting, which has killed at least 400 people since September 27


Marijuana stocks surge after Harris promises decriminalization

  • U.S.-listed shares of major cannabis firms shot up on Thursday following Kamala Harris’ promise during Wednesday’s debate to decriminalize marijuana if elected
  • Cannabis stock tracker MJ ETF rose 5.5% in the session, its best day since early June. Some firms closed between 10% and 20% higher
  • Harris promised not just to decriminalize marijuana on a federal level, which would grant cannabis firms easier access to finance, but to expunge the criminal records of people convicted of marijuana-related offenses


Facebook shuts down coordinated network of fake political accounts

  • Facebook said on Thursday it has removed 276 accounts that used fake profiles to pose as right-leaning Americans and comment on news articles, often in support of Trump
  • The social media giant said Arizona-based digital communications firm Rally Forge coordinated the network on behalf of Turning Point Action, a political action committee founded by Charlie Kirk
  • The network became active before the 2018 elections, then went dormant until last June when the accounts began posting again

US 🦅

Six arrested in plot to kidnap Michigan Governor 

  • The FBI has arrested six men it said were plotting to storm Michigan’s state capital, kidnap Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and establish a “self-sufficient” society free from unconstitutional state government and coronavirus restrictions
  • The conspirators allegedly met in a shop basement accessed through a secret door under a rug, surveilled Whitmer’s vacation home, and trained with firearms and explosives
  • Officials also accused seven members of the Wolverine Watchmen militia of helping to coordinate the kidnapping, threatening to incite civil war, and targeting police


WHO reports record one-day rise in global coronavirus cases

  • The Who reported the largest one-day increase in global coronavirus cases since the start of the outbreak Thursday, with 338,779 new infections added to the total
  • Europe reported 96,996 new cases, the highest ever for the region and more than India, Brazil, or the United States
  • The record for new deaths was recorded on April 17, though cases are increasing in 54 countries


  • Awards ⭐. American poet Louise Gluck wins 2020 Nobel Prize in Literature
  • Sports ⚽. NFL postpones Week 5 game between Tennessee Titans and Buffalo Bills due to COVID
  • Arts 🎭. Pixar’s 'Soul' to skip theaters and debut on Disney Plus
  • Interesting 🔎. David Attenborough and Prince William launch Earthshot Prize
  • Funny 😹. offers chance to “live under a rock” during election week

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