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"More information is always better than less. Keeping people in the dark only serves to stir negative emotions."  - Simon Sinek 

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White House won't cooperate with impeachment inquiry


Violent protests in Ecuador force government to move

  • Protests are being led primarily by indigenous groups and transportation workers after President Moreno eliminated subsidies designed to keep fuel prices low
  • Protesters broke through a security cordon just hours after Moreno announced the temporary relocation of government operations from the capital of Quito to the city of Guayaquil
Additional context: Moreno says the subsidies, which cost Ecuador $1.3 billion annually and have been in effect since the 70s, are becoming a burden on the country’s finances


Dick’s Sporting Goods destroys $5 million worth of guns

US 🦅

Arrests made in the Joshua Brown murder

  • Three suspects have been identified in the murder of Joshua Brown, a key witness in the trial of Amber Guyger—a former Dallas police officer convicted of killing her neighbor Botham Jean
  • There have been calls, spearheaded by Brown’s family, for the Dallas Police Department to turn the investigation over to another agency because of the proximity to the Amber Guyger case  


Parents want to sue the makers of Fortnite

  • Two parents of teenage sons in Canada alleged last week that Epic Games Inc. designed Fortnite to be as addictive as cocaine. The charges claim that the company utilized psychologists and staticians “to develop the most addictive game possible” for profit purposes
  • The lawsuit has yet to be approved by the court. However, it seeks to hold the US based game developer and it’s Canadian affiliate accountable for creating such an addictive game


A company grew meat in space for the first time

  • Israel-based company Aleph Farms has successfully grown meat on the International Space Station. This moves the company forward in its attempts to grow slaughter-free, eco-friendly meat
  • Aleph Farms products aren’t yet commercially available, but they expect them to be on the market in the next three to four years


  • Sports 🏀. NBA commissioner isn't apologizing for the Rockets GM’s tweet in support of Hong Kong anti-government protestors
  • Entertainment 🎞️. Drake makes rare statement speaking out against his estranged father
  • Music 🎵. ‘Voice’ coach Gwen Stefani will not return for Season 18 
  • Interesting 🔎. UK couple grows chairs, lamps, and tables from trees
  • Now you know 😸. How to play with your cat

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