THURSDAY - 08/20/20
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Trump and Fauci advocate for the safety of in-person voting

  • In response to a tweet by President Trump regarding in-person voting, Dr. Fauci released sentiments supportive of the safety in attending polling sites as long as proper precautions are maintained
  • To provide fairness and safety measures for those who are not comfortable with the polling sites, Postmaster General DeJoy will be halting USPS cost-cutting measures until after the election in November


Mali coup catches attention of United Nations

  • Military officers in Mali captured their president and threatened him in order to cease mass protests for the resignation of his office 
  • The soldiers who captured the president—referred to as the National Committee for the Salvation of the People—released a statement after the coup saying "We are keen on the stability of the country, which will allow us to organise general elections to allow Mali to equip itself with strong institutions within the reasonable time limit”
  • Leaders from the African Union and United Nations have condemned the movement as an “unconstitutional change of government,” and have thus formed emergency committees to deal with the issue, as well as suspended Mali’s membership in the AU


Apple becomes Wall Street’s first $2 trillion company

  • Two years after becoming a $1 trillion company, Apple has doubled its worth on Wall Street with a market cap at $2.004 trillion on Wednesday
  • The iPhone producer has not dramatically increased the production of its goods to motivate the massive increase in value, however Apple’s customer service and loyal following is thought to have led to overvaluation


Facebook targets QAnon pages as conspiracy movement spreads

  • On Wednesday, Facebook announced that it has removed nearly 800 profiles and pages involved with the alt-right QAnon group
  • Outside of the main Facebook app, there have been over 10,000 QAnon pages and hashtags removed from Instagram (who is owned by Facebook)
Additional info: The constitutional issues that these groups raise are being prosecuted due to their spreading of false information, which is not protected under the first amendment

US 🦅

Portland protests continue on 

  • On the 83rd night of Black Lives Matter protests in Portland, OR, the county seat of government (Multnomah Building) was burned by protestors
  • The confrontation began Tuesday evening and wasn’t concluded until Wednesday morning following police intervention. The police officially declared the protest a “riot,” enabling the usage of tear gas and flash bang devices 
  • Portland police have frequently yielded tear gas against demonstrators throughout the duration of the protests. Even Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler fell victim to the tear gassing last month


Tiger King zoo closed to public

  • The Oklahoma zoo that was at the center of the popular docu-series, Tiger King, has been closed after an expired license and pressure from animal activist groups to investigate the living conditions of the tigers inside
  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed lawsuits against the zoo leading to a USDA investigation of the enclosures, food, and overall safety measures to protect both the animals and guests at the park


  • Science🧬. New tests for coronavirus patients leads to information on COVID-caused “bubbles”
  • Sports🏀. Surprising wins in first round of NBA playoffs
  • Environmental🌲. Forest fires erupt across California
  • Arts🎭. Kamala Harris picture book to be released August 25
  • Interesting🔎. Lindt factory error leads to a chocolate rain storm in a Swiss town

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