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Back in May, we told you about a billionaire (Robert F. Smith) who surprised the Morehouse College class of 2019 by stating he would pay off all of their student debt. Now, he's back for more. On Friday, he announced that he would increase his donation to pay off the student debt for all of the graduate's parents as well! In all, the gift will cost him $34 million
But what about grandma?

2020 Update: De Blasio Drops Out 🗳️

19 remain

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced during an MSNBC appearance last Friday that he would be ending his 2020 presidential campaign. The mayor had launched it back in May as the 24th Democrat to challenge President Trump in 2020.

Why did he drop out?

De Blasio had failed to meet the polling number requirements to qualify for the September 12 presidential debate. His poll numbers did not improve in September and it looked extremely unlikely that he would qualify for the next debate in October.

The left takes a more circumspect look at the De Blasio Campaign. They acknowledge De Blasio’s progressive efforts to champion “a worker’s Bill of Rights” that would guarantee benefits like paid time off and medical sick leave. These articles also pointed out that he couldn't get any traction because he tried to compete with other bigger progressive names like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren for the progressive voters.

The right focuses on the failings and mishaps of the De Blasio campaign. They highlight his two “rather forgettable” debate performances and credit him for “praising the increasingly crazed activists” that have pushed the Democratic Party to the left. These articles cast the campaign as a misbegotten venture that left him “more unpopular in his own city” than President Trump.


Where’s the common ground?

Both sides agree the De Blasio was a long shot to win the Democratic primary in a crowded field. They recognize the debate requirements played a big role in De Blasio’s decision to end his run and will likely force many other candidates to drop out as well in the near future.

Who's next?

Trump & Biden Duke It Out In Ukraine 🥊

Whistleblower allegations against Trump
Last week it was reported that a whistleblower from the US intelligence community had submitted a complaint concerning a call between President Trump and a foreign leader. It has since been reported that the call in question was possibly with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky where Trump allegedly pressured Zelensky multiple times to investigate Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, using military aid as leverage.
Counter allegations against Biden

In response, some media outlets began reporting on the allegations that former VP Biden pressured Ukraine to fire the lead prosecutor in a case against his son using the threat of withholding $1 billion in loan guarantees as leverage, while he was VP. Trump also called out Biden and his son for their seemingly contradictory remarks.


The left doesn’t hold back in their criticism of Trump’s alleged push for Ukraine to investigate the Bidens; often using “impeachment” as an all but clear expected outcome if the news proves true. Little attention is given to the allegations against the Bidens, except to refute them outright. 


The right focuses nearly their entire stories on the alleged misconduct by the Bidens and refer to anything related to Trump’s alleged conduct as a “scheme” or “hoax.” Outlets take as fact the allegations against the Bidens and, generally speaking, dismiss the allegations against Trump. 

Where's the common ground?
This issue unfortunately shows the clear divisiveness of the country: the left can’t see anything other than impeachment of the president and the right can’t see anything besides the witch hunting left going after the leader of their party. Clearly both sides are in disagreement and are strongly biased on this story, but in trying to find common ground perhaps there can be agreement that both of the following are against what we expect of our elected leaders: (1) a US president seeking help from a foreign government against a political rival and (2) a sitting vice president pressuring a foreign government to halt investigations of their family members.
When the pressure is on
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