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Myanmar military promises new elections

  • On Tuesday, Myanmar’s military stated the country will have an election and hand over power to the winning party, two weeks after the military seized control of the government and arrested former leader Aung San Suu Kyi
  • No date has been given for the new election, as demonstrations and strikes have ensued across the country against the military’s actions
  • Suu Kyi has also been charged for violating Article 25 of the National Disaster Management Law. This adds on to a previous charge of importing illegal walkie-talkies into Myanmar held against her, which was used to justify her initial arrest two weeks ago


Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani sued by House Democrat

  • On Tuesday, the NAACP and Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, sued former President Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and two far-right groups for allegedly inciting the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6
  • The lawsuit accuses the defendants of violating the Enforcement Act of 1871 (also known as the Ku Klux Klan Act) by trying to interfere with Congress’ certification of the Electoral College count. The legislation at the time of its enactment was intended to protect Black citizens from intimidation and violence


Racial discrimination lawsuit filed against McDonald’s

  • On Tuesday, Herbert Washington, a Black owner of 14 McDonald’s restaurants in Ohio, filed a lawsuit accusing the fast-food franchise of showing more favorable treatment to white owners and denying him opportunities to buy restaurants in more affluent communities
  • Washington was once the chain’s largest Black franchisee in the US, but Washington alleged McDonald’s restrained him to operating low-volume restaurants in Black neighborhoods, forcing him to downsize


Maryland becomes first state to tax digital advertising

  • Last Friday, Maryland passed legislation that imposes an up-to-10% tax on revenue generated from digital advertisement in an effort targeting Big Tech
  • Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed the bill last year, arguing it would raise taxes and fees for people already struggling due to the pandemic, but the state Senate voted to override the veto 29-17. Senate President Bill Ferguson argued the tax mainly targets companies making at least 100 million annually from digital advertising like Big Tech companies

US 🦅

Biden extends foreclosure moratorium and mortgage forbearance through June

  • On Tuesday, the White House announced a plan to extend a federal moratorium on home foreclosures and extend mortgage relief in efforts to address the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic
  • The program is a joint effort between the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Veterans Affairs, and Agriculture, and this move marks the second time Biden has extended the programs after signing an executive order on his first day in office that extended relief through March


Mass federal vaccination sites open in California

  • In a joint effort between the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the California Governor's Office of Emergency Services, two new mass vaccination sites opened in California as part of an effort by the federal government to set up 100 vaccination sites in 100 days
  • The sites at California State University, Los Angeles, and Oakland-Alameda Coliseum both opened Tuesday morning and have the capacity to vaccinate 6,000 people a day. The sites were chosen for their proximity to some of the most diverse and socioeconomically challenged communities


  • Food 🍫. Nestlé announces new vegan KitKat bar
  • Sports 🎾. No.1 ranked Ash Barty defeated in Australian Open quarterfinals
  • Weather ❄️. Nationwide winter storms cause delays in coronavirus vaccine shipments
  • Tech 📱. Amazon acquires ecommerce platform Selz
  • Uplifting 😊. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry expecting second child

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