Monday - 05/18/20
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Justin Amash decides against third-party bid

  • Amash, the Michigan congressman who left the Republican Party last year, announced that he will not be running for president as a third-party candidate
  • Over the past month, there was speculation of Amash’s running after he assembled an exploratory committee
  • Amash cites the ongoing pandemic, claiming that it will be even harder for third-party candidates to gain recognition

US 🦅

Obama criticizes Trump administration

  • Whilst speaking for an online HBCU graduation ceremony, former President Obama said “a lot of them aren’t even pretending to be in charge,” in reference to the administration’s coronavirus response
  • The comments come after Trump coined “#Obamagate,” a supposed major crime committed by the former president, though the claim does not seem to have any kind of basis of truth
  • On Saturday, Trump argued that Democrats and the media were inaccurately portraying his administration's response
Watch Obama’s message to HBCU grads here, watch his general message to 2020 grads here


Germans protests stay-at-home orders

  • Across the country, a multitude of German citizens took to the streets in protest against restrictions imposed by the government to contain the coronavirus pandemic
  • Germany has already relaxed some of its lockdown restrictions in the prior weeks
  • Protesters faced backlash on social media, being referred to as “Covidiots”


J.C. Penney files for bankruptcy

  • The department store is the latest coronavirus casualty, following in the footsteps of J. Crew and Nieman Marcus
  • J.C. Penney has begun to open some of its stores in stages, though shareholders worry that customers will be reluctant to return


Facebook buys GIPHY

  • The social media conglomerate announced its acquisition of the GIF-sharing platform on Friday, with a speculated buy price of $300-$400 million
  • It is anticipated that Facebook will implement the GIPHY platform into its newsfeed and message functions on the main website


German Bundesliga resumes play

  • The German soccer league resumed play on Saturday, featuring eight matchups throughout the weekend
  • Though games are being played, no fans are permitted inside of the stadiums and active social distancing measures are being taken for players
  • If successful, other global sports leagues are anticipated to follow suit


  • Coronavirus 🦠. 83 percent of coronavirus deaths in Florida are people 65 and older
  • Gaming 🎮. Video game spending reaches record high
  • Entertainment 🎥. Comic actor Fred Willard dies at 86
  • Music 🎵. Corey Taylor raises more than $150,000 for COVID-19 response
  • Heartwarming 😊. New Hampshire postal worker leaves gift cards for 2020 grads

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