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Republicans contradict Trump’s refusal to peacefully transfer power

  • Congressional Republicans on Thursday reassured the country that there would be a peaceful transfer of power after election day, though they refrained from condemning Trump’s refusal to commit to such a transition
  • “He says crazy stuff” said Senator Ben Sasse. “We’ve always had a peaceful transition of power. It’s not going to change.”
  • White House Spokesperson Kaylee McEnany responded ambiguously to the controversy, saying Trump “will accept the results of a free and fair election"


Joshua Wong arrested in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong police arrested prominent pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong on Thursday for participating in protests and violating an anti-mask law
  • China cracked down on social unrest in June with a new law that punishes anything it considers secession, subversion, terrorism, or collusion with foreign forces
  • Ten other activists, including Wong’s colleague Agnes Chow, were arrested under the law in August. Media tycoon Jimmy Lai was also arrested several weeks earlier


$380 billion unused aid money could help economy

  • There is still $380 billion in unused aid money from the last coronavirus relief package that could help households and businesses, said Fed Chair Gerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin Thursday
  • The funds are leftover from a relief package authorized by Congress in March, but Congress would need to give permission to reshuffle the money
  • Democrats and Republicans have so far been unable to compromise on the next relief bill, with Republicans refusing to meet Democrats at their $2.2 trillion minimum


App companies band together to challenge Apple and Google

  • The developers of Spotify, Tinder, and Fortnite launched the Coalition for App Fairness on Thursday, a nonprofit that will advocate for legal protections against unfair practices in Google and Apple’s app stores
  • Both tech giants kicked Fortnight off their app stores after its developer, Epic Games, introduced a direct payment plan that bypasses their platforms
  • Epic Games responded by suing the companies for uncompetitive practices. Apple and Google both take a 30% cut from in-app purchases

US 🦅

Protests for Breonna Taylor continue in Louisville

  • Hundreds of protesters marched throughout Louisville for a second consecutive night on Thursday, chanting Breonna Taylor’s name as well as “no justice, no peace”
  • The protests were largely peaceful, though a tense confrontation occurred between protesters and a group of armed men in military-style gear protecting local property
  • Protests erupted across the country Wednesday after a grand jury decided not to charge the officers involved in the killing of Taylor with homicide
Further context: Two Louisville police officers shot on night of Breonna Taylor verdict


Secretary-General sparks fight at UN Security Council over coronavirus

  • At a meeting of the UN Security Council on Thursday, Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned that if the climate crisis was handled with the “same disunity and disarray” of COVID-19, then “I fear the worst”
  • The U.S. accused China of focusing on political grudges and called on the global community to hold it accountable for the pandemic
  • China and Russia jabbed back at the U.S., calling on all countries to put aside geopolitics and cooperate on combatting the coronavirus


  • Science 🧬. Colombian gold miners strike rare Mastodon fossils
  • Sports ⚽. Kobe Bryant’s last autograph put up for auction, expected to sell for $500,000
  • Entertainment 🎭. Evel Knievel’s son suing Disney over Toy Story 4 character
  • Interesting 🔎. Firefighters get about half of Los Angeles County wildfire under control
  • Funny 😹. Turkey breaks into home through window

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