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Two men are individually attempting to cross Antarctica to become the first person to traverse the icy continent unsupported. Each one is dragging a sled with 375 pounds of supplies. The 921-mile journey is expected to take the men around two months. 
Their journey
#1: Doctors vs. The NRA 💉🔫

It all started with a medical journal

Last month, the American College of Physicians (ACP) published a paper about reducing gun injuries and deaths. The ACP called gun violence a “public health crisis” and called for more research + legislation on the issue.

Tweets were fired

The NRA responded to the paper in a tweet: "Someone should tell self-important anti-gun doctors to stay in their lane…" The tweet set off a slew of responses from doctors asserting that #thisismylane, sharing pics of blood-soaked scrubs from their work treating gunshot wounds.


The left believes doctors have the right - and an obligation - to speak out about what they see as a public health crisis. Articles point out that doctors were pivotal in promoting auto safety measures that have reduced car-related deaths and in promoting anti-smoking measures that have reduced smoking-related illnesses and deaths. 


The right believes doctors should not be giving their opinions on gun laws since they have no expertise on policy, guns, or gun rights. This side argues that doctors' opinions on guns should not be weighed more heavily than the opinions of others. Some articles also point out that, surely, not all doctors advocate for gun control.


Did doctors step out of their lane?

While it's true that the ACP is advocating for more gun regulations, they explicitly state their support for the constitutional right to gun ownership. Doctors see and deal with the ills of society on a daily basis - if they say guns are producing preventable deaths, they ought to be heard at the least. 

I'd rather take a bullet
#2: CNN Sues the White House 🏛️
CNN claps back
CNN filed a lawsuit against President Trump and several top aids, after they revoked CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press pass. The suit names six defendants, including Trump and the Secret Service officer who revoked Acosta’s pass.
On what grounds?

The lawsuit argues that the White House ban violates Acosta’s First and Fifth Amendment rights. CNN defended the suit by calling the administration’s actions “unprecedented.” In response, the White House called the lawsuit “grandstanding."


The left have defended the constitutional viability of the suit. These articles fault the White House for arbitrarily banning Acosta, for not warning him before revoking his credentials, and for shifting their defense after the suit was filed. Some argue that the lawsuit is “more than grandstanding,” emphasizing implications for a free press.


The right have largely supported Press Secretary Sarah Sanders’ statement that CNN’s lawsuit is merely “grandstanding.” They highlight Sanders’ official statements and emphasize Acosta’s reputation as an aggressive (some say “unlikeable”) reporter, criticizing his conduct at last week’s press conference.

Will the lawsuit stick?

Legal experts speculate that CNN could plausibly win this battle. But many are concerned that, however the suit concludes, the bigger issue is Trump’s control of the media, as we reported last week. This week, outlets continued to reflect on the left and right in relation to how journalists (and readers) should work through the spectacle.

CNN trying to make it through one WH press conference
Extra extra...✨📰✨
It's official. Amazon announces New York City and Arlington, VA (near DC) as the sites of their next two headquarters (TechCrunch)

Race & ethnicity top the list. Hate crimes have increased for a third year in a row (CBS)

Realistic Pokemon. Warner Bros. releases the first trailer for its first ever live action Pokemon movie (Endgadget)

Free chikin. Chick-Fil-A announces a new food delivery partnership with DoorDash by giving away 200,000 free chicken sandwiches (Fox Business)

Narcos. The trial of Mexican drug lord, Joseph “El Chapo” Guzman, begins in New York (USA Today)

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