“If we can ask nurses to put on a hazmat suit and take blood, we can ask elected officials to come and sit at a desk and vote on a piece of legislation.”
-Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on
why he feels state lawmakers should continue work

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Canada closes border

  • In wake of the proliferating spread of COVID-19, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau significantly restricted the entry of non-residents into Canada
  • Trudeau stated that the government will be denying entry into the country to all foreigners, except for Americans, going into effect on March 18
  • The federal government is also mandating that air carriers screen passengers with any symptoms of coronavirus and restrict anyone that tests positive so they don’t board planes home
  • The government is also restricting overseas flights to just four airports: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver


Democratic debate held despite COVID-19 fears 

  • Presidential candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders participated in the first one-on-one debate of this election cycle
  • Many media members praised the no-crowd format, claiming that the setup allowed for less distraction and more substance from the debaters
  • The two candidates debated policy ideas regarding climate change, economic disparity, and how to handle the ongoing pandemic crisis
  • Notably, Biden committed to selecting a female running mate if he wins the Democratic nomination

The Boston Globe: Biden’s convincing debate performance
Fox News: In Biden-Sanders debate, solutions win and revolution loses


U.S. stocks plunge 8%

  • U.S. stock indexes plunged about 8% on Monday, as investors dumped risky assets for cash after the Federal Reserve’s drastic move to cut interest rates to near-zero
  • Trading on Wall Street’s three main stock indexes was halted for fifteen minutes shortly after opening as the S&P 500 index fell, crossing the 7% threshold that triggers an automatic cutout

US 🦅

New York City to shut down bars and restaurants 

  • Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that starting Tuesday, New York City’s bars and restaurants will be temporarily closed, with service limited to delivery and takeout only
  • De Blasio stated that “The virus can rapidly spread through the close interactions New Yorkers have in restaurants, bars, and places we sit close together”
  • As of Monday, New York harbors 729 COVID-19 positive individuals, 329 of them within New York City


Steam hits all-time concurrent user peak

  • The game hosting platform hit 20 million concurrent users on Sunday, smashing the previous record of 18.8 million
  • Though there were more than 20 million people logged into Steam, the in-game player count never reached higher than 6.2 million—a million fewer than the 7.2 million record set on January 1, 2018
  • The high number counts are being attributed to the large quantities of people staying indoors in acts of self-quarantine


Coronavirus won’t disrupt start of Olympics

  • The Tokyo 2020 Olympic games, as of now, are still scheduled to go on as planned, an International Olympic Committee official stated
  • The IOC’s coordination commission said there is no deadline to cancel the games, and that he remains confident the event will go ahead
  • A delay or cancellation of the games is still on the table, though no immediate decision is being made. IOC officials are expected to observe global events over the coming weeks and make a judgment over the safety of athletes


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