TUESDAY - 04/28/20
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Trump tweets against state bailouts angering governors

  • On Monday, President Trump tweeted his opposition to bailouts for states whose economies have suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
  • Trump’s tweet spurred an already heated debate over additional federal assistance to struggling states
  • Gov. Cuomo (D-NY) argued that rebuking states seeking federal assistance goes against the goal of a national rebuild that will require distribution of funds across the country


New Zealand claims 'elimination' of coronavirus

  • On Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden claimed that the country had “eliminated” the coronavirus
  • The country reported one new case, four probable cases, and one new death as restrictions were eased from level four to level three
  • Schools are set to reopen in a limited capacity, and work in manufacturing and forestry will resume


COVID-19 Contact Tracing: Governments debate whether to use their own app or Apple’s and Google’s

  • Apple and Google are developing contact tracing technology to track the spread of COVID-19 using Bluetooth in smartphones
  • Several European countries have announced that they will use the tech built by Apple and Google, but other such as France, the UK, and several US states are preferring government-run options
  • Apple and Google’s technology is supposed to be integrated with government apps, but many governments’ technology goes against privacy promises made by Apple and Google


Food supply chain at risk as plants shut down

  • The coronavirus has significantly impacted the meat industry as closures and operational cuts have hit pork, beef, and poultry processing plants across the country
  • Tyson Foods Chairman, John H. Tyson, warned that “the food supply chain is breaking” days after Tyson closed a large pork processing plant in Waterloo, Iowa after several employees tested positive for COVID-19
  • The closure is one of several plants involving major companies including, Smithfield Foods pork plant in South Dakota and JBS USA meatpacking plant in Wisconsin

US 🦅

UFO videos officially released by Pentagon

  • The Pentagon has officially released three videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena” that were previously released by a private company
  • The videos are infrared camera recordings that show unidentified flying objects in motion. Two of the videos contain audio of pilots reacting to the quick movements of the object
  • The Navy confirmed the authenticity of the videos last year when they were first released. They are officially releasing them now to clear up any misconceptions by the public


Lakers return money from loan program

  • The LA Lakers returned $4.6 million that they received from the government as a part of the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program
  • The program is intended to help small businesses get through the economic burden caused by the pandemic
  • The Lakers returned the money after reports indicated that hundreds of thousands of smaller businesses were not able to receive aid from the $348 billion package


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