Tuesday - 05/12/20
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Trump storms out of press conference

  • President Trump abruptly walked out of Monday’s coronavirus press conference after a verbal altercation with two reporters
  • Trump blamed a CBS reporter for asking “a nasty question” and the followed that up refusing to answer questions from another reporter he had called on
  • The exchange marks the latest in a string of verbal spats Trump has had with reporters since the daily pandemic press briefings began in mid-March


India risks turning into a Surveillance State amid pandemic

  • India's government is pushing through pre-pandemic surveillance goals as a result of COVID-19. Beginning May 4, the government has mandated the installation of its contact tracing app for anyone currently working or using public transit, at risk of criminal charges
  • The app, Aarogya Setu, has come under criticism for its lack of user data protection. The government has claimed that its information is secure and anonymized, but concerns remain
  • The real worry for some is that the app could be a pathway to nationwide surveillance and a pretext to undermine privacy

US 🦅

Supreme Court hears cases on Trump's effort to block subpoenas

  • On Tuesday, the US Supreme Court will hear three cases that will highlight the court’s interpretation of separation of powers
  • The case will examine the ability of the US House of Representatives and state prosecutors to investigate a sitting president
  • The records are vital to allegations of misconduct by Trump before he became president, and the disputed subpoenas were issued to his accountants and banks
  • The president attempted to block the subpoenas, but lost in lower courts. The current Supreme Court is split 5-4 in favor of Republican-appointed conservative justices


Biggest US mall owner plans to reopen half its locations

  • Simon Property Group has stated that they will be reopening around 50% of their malls and outlet centers in the next as states being to loosen lockdown restrictions
  • Simon, which owns around 200 malls and outlet centers in the US, saw its quarterly profits fall 20.2% at the end of Q1
  • The company’s shares jumped by as much as 3% in after-hours trading following the announcement


Latest rumors surrounding iPhone 12

  • Latest speculations on the iPhone 12 indicated that it may have an upgraded screen with a 120Hz refresh rate
  • The new feature would give scrolling and animations a smoother feel
  • The phone will also feature a Lidar sensor, borrowed from the recently released iPad Pro


MLB owners approve plan to start 2020 season

  • MLB owners plan to start the delayed season around July 4th in stadiums without fans
  • Spring training could begin in early-to-mid June, with the National League using a designated hitter
  • Each team would play an 82 game regular season with most teams playing opponents in their respective divisions and leagues
  • The postseason would include 14 teams and double the number of wild cards in each league to four


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