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An unusually severe drought season across Europe has led to the re-emergence of the Dolmen of Guadalperal – commonly known as the “Spanish Stonehenge” – in Cáceres, Spain. The megalithic monument, which is thought to have been raised at least 4,000 years ago, was submerged in water due to the construction of the Valdecañas Reservoir in 1963. While Spanish citizens celebrate its reappearance more than 60 years later, Spain’s Ministry of Culture must decide whether to leave the dolmen be and allow the reservoir to flood it again, or to move the monument elsewhere. 

Can we take a minute to admire this?!?

Protests Ignited by Gates Foundation Award to India PM 🏆


And the award goes to…

Protests have sparked in both the U.S. and India after the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced that one of the Global Goals Award recipients included India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The award, which is given to individuals who have made efforts to improve the lives of the poor, is being allocated to Modi for his Swachh Bharat Mission (Clean India Mission) that gave millions of rural Indians access to toilets and better sanitation.

Close the Gates

On Tuesday, a dozen demonstrators delivered a petition containing more than 100,000 signatures to the Gates Foundation headquarters; it calls for the Foundation to rescind the award due to Modi's involvement in Kashmir's ongoing six-week lockdown. Additionally, actors Riz Ahmed and Jameela Jamil also announced that they would not be attending the Gates event. 


Sources in support of the award note Modi's impact on the improved quality of life for people in rural India. Articles also quote Bill Gates’ justification for awarding Modi on the basis that the foundation's top priorities are improving access to toilets and vaccinations, increasing gender equity, and ending poverty.  


Those against the award criticize Modi's government, which recently presented an order in Parliament that revoked Kashmir's autonomy and weakened the power of the only Muslim-majority state in the region. They present Modi's tactics, particularly limiting internet, phone, and TV access to the region’s 12.5 million people, as extreme. Sources also reference his history of repeated human rights violations

Where's the common ground?

While both sides disagree on the merits of Modi's award, they do agree that the safety and rights of the people in India and Kashmir are the priority. 

The last time we saw a contentious award:

Trump Orders New Sanctions on Iran ❌


Taking a stand

President Trump announced on Wednesday that he has ordered new sanctions against Iran as a result of the latest escalation of tension between the two nations. The sanctions come after U.S. and Saudi officials have reason to believe that Iran was responsible for the recent oil field attacks in Saudi Arabia, which we reported earlier.

Can’t we be friends?

The U.S. and Iran have had a rocky 2019, to say the least. In May, explosions hit four U.S. oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz, then two more were attacked in the Gulf of Oman in June; Iran denied responsibility for both instances. A week later, Iranian forces shot down a U.S. military drone in the same area. Yesterday’s sanctions have raised concerns over the future of relations between the two countries. 


Sources that call for taking action cite the decades of diplomatic tension between the U.S. and Iran. They fear that Iran will continue to develop its nuclear weapons and perpetuate its aggressive and unchecked behavior program without U.S. intervention.


Sources that want the U.S. should stay out of it claim that this conflict is Saudi Arabia’s to handle. They fear that any passed sanctions could result in a detrimental retaliation from Iran. They also speculate that the actions of other global powers will undermine the U.S.’s intention to sanction. 

Where's the common ground?

Publications on both sides of the argument strive to have the current issue at hand resolved ethically. Both sides agree that action must be taken, though the disagreement lies in questioning who will take it.  

Both sides summing up whether to take action:
Extra extra...✨📰✨

Out of this world. The U.S. Navy confirmed that the UFOs in three of their video clips were really UFOs. (CNN)

Another cut. The Federal Reserve announced it will decrease the interest rate by another .25%. (USAToday)

Ice ice baby. Scientists found evidence that an asteroid collision caused an ice age. (Independent)

Uh oh. A picture depicting Canada PM Justin Trudeau in blackface shook up the Canadian election. (BBC)

No porking around. The Trump administration rewrote rules for inspecting pork slaughterhouses. (NPR)

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