Monday - 12/28/20
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Trump faces UN backlash over pardons

  • The United Nations’ human rights office criticized President Trump’s December 23rd pardoning of four Blackwater contractors that were convicted in the killing of Iraqi citizens, claiming that the move gives way to impunity  
  • "We are deeply concerned by the recent U.S. presidential pardons for four security guards from the private military firm Blackwater who were convicted for killing 14 Iraqi civilians," spokesperson Marta Hurtado said
  • The four men worked as U.S. State Department contractors in 2007 when they opened fire in a crowded traffic circle, killing 14 people, including a child. The men’s defense lawyers argued that they returned fire after an ambush of Iraqi insurgents


New coronavirus strain found in several countries

  • First detected in England, a new variant of COVID-19 has made its way into Canada, Japan, and several European nations as of this past weekend
  • Despite a lack of evidence that suggests that the new strain may be more deadly than the virus that has infected over 80 million globally, there are fears that this new variant is up to 70 percent more transmissible
  • Japan is closing its borders to all non-resident foreign nationals after cases of the new strain were discovered


Bitcoin tops 26k

  • The price of Bitcoin surpassed $26,000 on Saturday, setting a new market high for the cryptocurrency just a day after it reached $25,000 for the first time
  • Investments of wealthy individuals are believed to be driving the price surge, with purchases of $100M by MassMutual and $25M by Skybridge Capital in December


Investor sues CD Projekt Red after Cyberpunk 2077 blunder

  • Following a disastrous game release that saw the game pulled from the online PlayStation store after it was deemed largely unplayable, a lead investor has filed a lawsuit against developer CD Projekt Red
  • The lawsuit states CD Projekt failed to convey that the game was “virtually unplayable,” and instead marketed it as a success with a few issues that would go unnoticed by players
  • Despite its issues, Cyberpunk 2077 sold 13 million copies in the first two weeks following its release

US 🦅

Bomb set off in downtown Nashville

  • The FBI is investigating a large-scale explosion that was detonated on Christmas morning in downtown Nashville, destroying nearly a block of buildings. Oddly, the people responsible intended to avert harming people, calling out evacuation warnings in the minutes leading up to the explosion, resulting in no civilian deaths
  • Officials are beginning to lean towards the notion that the explosion was a suicide bombing, as human remains were found and recovered at the site of the incident
  • It is possible that the bomb was intended to knock out AT&T infrastructure that was nearby


Utah running back dies of gunshot wound

  • University of Utah star running back Ty Jordan was pronounced dead on Saturday after a single gunshot wound was inflicted
  • "Following a preliminary investigation, we do believe that this was an accidental shooting, where the victim accidentally shot himself," Denton Police Department public information officer Allison Beckwith stated
  • Jordan, the Pac-12 Offensive Freshman of the Year, was described by his coach Kyle Whittingham as possessing an infectious personality and having “a huge impact on our program in the short time he was with us.”


  • Coronavirus 😷. One in 1,000 Americans dead from Covid-19
  • Celebrity ⭐. Michael Jackson’s ‘Neverland Ranch’ sells for $22M
  • Space 🌠. Former Israeli space security chief claims aliens exist and Trump knows about it
  • Uplifting 😊. Barstool raises over $6M for small businesses 
  • Interesting 🔎. Nez Perce Tribe reclaims over 148 acres of ancestral land 

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