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#1: GOP Emails Hacked 👩‍💻
Hackgate 2018

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) suffered a major cyber attack during the 2018 midterm elections. The hack exposed sensitive emails about the GOP’s House campaign strategy to an unknown “foreign entity.”

A long time coming

The months-long surveillance was discovered back in April and quickly reported to the FBI. However, senior House Republicans were only informed of the attack this week.


The left sees the hack as an embarrassment for Republicans, and as a sign of poor leadership. They are quick to reference Trump’s 2016 comments that the GOP had better security defenses than the Democratic National Committee (DNC), which experienced hacking by Russian intelligence. 


The right reports news of the hack without much editorializing. Like some on the left, these outlets emphasize the fact that senior House leadership were not alerted to the attack until recently. 

Big ongoing problem

Just before the midterm elections, a Pew survey found that a majority of Americans were not confident in the US election system — in fact, many expected a foreign country would try to interfere again. Cybersecurity and election security have become hotly contested policy areas in the US, with little productive headway thus far.

That was easy
#2: French Demonstrations Turn Violent 🔥
A major U-turn

French President Macron suspended his plan to increase taxes on gasoline after weeks of anti-fuel-tax demonstrations turned into violent riots in Paris this weekend. The green tax was a key piece of Macron’s economic overhaul plan and was aimed at reducing pollution.

"Yellow Vests" 101

The gilet jaunes, or “Yellow Vests”, were originally individuals from rural France where cars are the primary mode of transportation. They started protesting Macron’s diesel tax on the basis that it reduces their purchasing power. French motorists are required to carry yellow vests in their vehicles for roadside safety. They have now come to represent the movement.


Articles arguing that the protests are significant view the movement as a defining moment in French history. They compare the uprising to that of the working class during the French Revolution. These articles view the push for social change as a logical extension of democracy.


Articles arguing that the protests are unwarranted focus on the movement’s disorganization - emphasizing that the Yellow Vests are not united in their demands. They criticize the protesters as inevitably undermining their cause by opposing negotiation talks. Articles from this side also note the rowdiness of the riots.


What does this mean for Macron?

In a CNN interview last year, President Macron stated that he “believe[s] in democracy. And democracy is not in the street.” As protests intensify, Macron’s approval rating has reached a new low of 23%. Macron’s concession in freezing the gas tax is not only a blow to his campaign agenda but also represents that the streets do, in fact, invoke change.

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Extra extra...✨📰✨
Ice hockey. Seattle will get a brand new NHL expansion team that will start playing in the 2021-2022 season (ESPN)

Recession knocking? The Dow stock market index dropped nearly 800 points (or 3%) amid fears of an impending recession (CNBC)

Bye old tech. Tokyo Telemessage, Japan’s last pager provider, will end its service in 2019 (BBC)

Ride-sharing space. SpaceX sets a new record after it sent 64 satellites into orbit in one launch (CNN)

Lump of coal. US coal consumption has dropped to its lowest levels since 1979 (AP)
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