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Ohio will start allowing businesses to pay their taxes in bitcoin. Ohio's treasurer wants to send a signal that the state is tech-savvy. has been set up to start accepting crypto payments. Eventually, individuals will also be able to pay their Ohio state taxes in bitcoin.
Meanwhile, crypto continues falling...
#1: Violence Breaks Out At The Border 🚓
Escalating tensions

On Sunday afternoon, a peaceful march by the migrant “caravan” near the US border took a violent turn. Small groups splintered from the march and stormed the border, rushing past Mexican federal police. US officials fired tear gas to deter individuals attempting to cross the border through a fence.

Is tear gas a chemical weapon?

The Trump administration has faced significant backlash for the use of tear gas at the border. While tear gas can be classified as a chemical weapon that is illegal to use during warfare, it is legal to use in domestic situations.


The left focuses on the fact that tear gas was used. They describe the effects of tear gas on a person and the reason it is no longer used in war. They highlight that innocent women and children were exposed to the gas. The left also criticizes a guest on Fox News for stating, “You could actually put [tear gas] on your nachos and eat it.”


The right highlights that the liberal outrage is ridiculous because something similar happened under Obama in 2013. They state that the use of tear gas was necessary only because some migrants threw projectiles at US federal agents. 


Migrant political pawns?

Both sides are using the situation to push a political agenda without offering a viable solution. Conservatives are spinning the situation to highlight the aggressive actions of a small group of migrants and painting them all as undesirable characters. Liberals, on the other hand, are focusing on the images of mothers and children escaping the tear gas fired by a 'cruel' US administration.

Politics take a toll...
#2: Mississippi's Confederate Controversy❗
The runoff

Cindy Hyde-Smith (R-Miss.) and Mike Epsy (D-Miss.) are preparing for a Senate runoff election in Mississippi on Nov. 27. The primary election results were surprisingly close for a historically deep-red state, with Hyde-Smith raking in 41.4% and Epsy gaining 40.6% of the vote.

Controversies galore

Since the primaries, Hyde-Smith has had her Confederate-sympathiser past exposed. Her ‘joke’ about sitting in the front row of a public hanging was heavily criticized, leading to numerous corporate donors asking for their money back.


The left accuses Hyde-Smith of celebrating the bloody history of the “Lost Cause.” They argue that although Hyde-Smith inherited the social DNA of Confederate nostalgia from her environment, her crime was embracing and perpetuating white supremacy. The left believes that it is time to outlaw the Confederate symbol on Mississippi’s flag, and erase the racist past for good.


The right argues that yes, Hyde-Smith made a joke about attending a public hanging, but this doesn't make her racist. They believe that the left interpreted her joke as a reference to lynchings with no evidence, as “public hanging” refers to a lawful execution rather than a lynching. They accuse the left of attacking Hyde-Smith personally rather than focusing on real issues.


Will Hyde-Smith’s controversies hold her back?

While Hyde-Smith’s comments may not have intentionally been racist, the reality is that white supremacy is still prevalent in Mississippi today. 37% of Mississippi voters are black. If Epsy can convince black voters to turn out again (91% of them did on Nov. 6), then he has a very real chance of making history as the first Democrat Senator from Mississippi since 1982.

When you learn Mississippi could have a Democrat Senator
Extra extra...✨📰✨

Corporate restructuring. GM announces it will halt production in five plants and lay off 14,000 workers to cut costs (CBS)

Custom babies. Chinese scientist claims to have successfully created the world’s first genetically modified babies (TechCrunch)

85 dead, 249 still missing. Northern California Camp Fire is now 100% contained after burning for over 2 weeks (NBC News)
Mass stranding. 145 pilot whales died after being found stranded on a beach in New Zealand (Reuters)
Thanks, but no thanks. A snowstorm across the midwest is causing a travel nightmare post-Thanksgiving (USA Today)
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