February 2019

Inter Arts Center is a platform for artistic research and experimentation established by Lund University.


Listen, Word, Sound, Rhythm - From Hell
Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen Från Helvetet

Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen Från Helvetet – is a collaboration between the singer and songwriter Cecilia Nordlund, noise-artist and composer Julia Giertz, cellist Åsa Gjerstad and percussionist and multi-instrumentalist Lotta Wenglén. The music is suggestive, dark, hopeful and crisp at the same time.

Open concert/work in progress
Mon, 4 February, 12.30 to 13.00, Red Room

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City dwellers 1

Tale Næss

‘City Dwellers 1’ is an open-ended project in the form of a dramatic, immersive sound-installation. The sounds will mainly consist of voices, cries and whispers. Outbursts, statements and conversations. Although the voices will feel private, the installation as a whole shall constitute a public space, an entity like a city. Tale Næss is trying to create a third space, where history, culture and place come together as one - to trigger a general sense of how we see things and how we shape our surroundings and vice versa.
City Dwellers 1 - A potential thirdspace
Wed, 13 February, at 17.00, Red Room

A meeting with Tale Næss, PhD fellow in playwriting at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. The session will involve a listening session, a collective reading session and a conversation with the artist under the heading from 1:100 - the hybrid play as a feedbackloop.

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Zoi Efstathiou & Egil Kalman

"Athroa" is a composition that combines an improvised electroacoustic performance with an interactive light installation. In this composition, space, rather than time, is the basis of formal organization, and the experience of the music will be embodied in the process of navigating through space and observing objects from different vantage points.

The music is in counterpoint with a light installation which interacts with the sounds and musical textures in non-obvious (non-rhythmical) ways.

Wed, 20 February, at 19.00, Red Room

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Amfi #1-4

Saga Gärde

The project AMFI # 1-4 (working title), deals with the question of how one with sound design and video can create a dramatic situation in a lyrical text performed on stage. The project aims to investigate the staged reading as a theatric form in order to create a new scene for contemporary drama – with monthly premieres where texts are read and dramatized through video and sound design during a two years period as a start. The intention is to draw attention to and emphasize the dramatic potential of new texts.

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Empowerment of the Future Performing Artist

The seminar at Malmö Theatre Academy & IAC marks the conclusion of a two-year collaborative project The Sustainable Theatre Artist. The project has circulated around sustainability in the broadest meaning of the term, from ecology through artistic methods and personal endurance to professional entrepreneurship.

8 & 9 February at Malmö Theatre Academy & IAC

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Ongoing in February…


IASPIS residency
Ivo Vidal, Claudia Del Fierro
until March 2019
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Leif JF Callioscott - The vertigo of play and fantasy in the theories of Leif J. F. Callioscott
Francis Brady & John McKenna

until March 2019
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Constructed Weather (part2)
Jonna Hägg

until October 2019
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WE (working title)
A durational performative installation and visual play

J&K (Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard)
until December 2019
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Open Call: 1 February

We encourage all professional artists, art professionals, researchers and institutions that work with research based, experimental and interdisciplinary practices to apply!

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List of artists and researchers in 2018

The following is a list of the external artists and researchers who developed and/or presented artistic work at IAC during 2018. In addition to this are all the students, teachers and researchers within the Faculty of Fine and Performing Arts.

Thank you all for working with us!

Ess Beck / Barbara Amalie Skovmand Thomsen, Marie-Louise Andersson / Yann Coppier / J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard) / Kate NV, Sasha Kulak / Group A / Waclaw Zimpel / Jakob Riis / Henrik Jørgensen / Waileth & Bardon / Konrad Behr / Myriam Bleau & Felix Gourd / Jørgen Teller / Henrik Frisk / Röstmolnet (Felicia Konrad, Miguel Cortes, Anna Fält, Sara Wilén, Bruno Faria, Brita Björs) / Karkhana residency (Michael Zerang, Sam Shalabi, Mazen Kerbaj, Maurice Louca, Sharif Sehnaoui, Umut Çağlar, Tony Elieh, Sarah El Miniawy) / Sidén Hedman duo (Eva Sidén & Jens Hedman) / Gry Tingskog / Emma Strandsäter / Tuuli Vahtola / Oda Brekke / Maia Means / Helena Fernandez-Cavada / Sten-Olof Hellström, Ann Rosén / Lise Kroner / Brita Björs / Malene Begtrup & 11th House Collective / Tim Bishop / Annelie Nilsson / Johan Lundin / David Granström / Helene Hedsund / Hertzbreakerz (Alessandro Perini, Jonatan Sersam, Francesco del Nero) / Maxime Hourani, Ebba Petrén / Mariella Ottosson / Akiko Diegel / Kirstine Lindemann / Lasse Munk / Julie Poitras Santos / Oona Libens / Jacob Remin / Sergey Filatov / Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard / Christian Rønn / Diethild Meier / Sara Pons / Mike Sheridan / Jakob Riis / Sanna Blennow / Rebecka Holmström / Zoe Efstathiou / Egil Kalman / Viktor Landström / Madeleine Jonsson Gille / Anna Jakobsson / Hanna Junti / Tim Shaw, Jacek Smolicki / Alessandro Perini / Anne Elisabeth Eckersberg / Francis Patrick Brady / John B McKenna / Zwoisy Mears-Clarke / Varvara & Mar / Nordic Affect (Halla Steinunn Stefánsdóttir, Antina Hugosson, Ian Wilson, Liam Byrne, Guðrún Óskarsdóttir) / Martin Dalin / Vytautas Michelkevicius / Stefan Klaverdal / Susan Kozel / Daniel Stighäll m.fl. / Daniel Karlsson / Fabio Monni / Julia Giertz / Alma Söderberg / Hendrik Willekens / Lisa Nyberg / Ana Rebordao / Maria Normann / Helena Olsson / Hans Carlsson / Karolina Erlingsson / Saga Gärde / Philippe Blanchard & Khamlane Halsacke / Jonna Hägg / Michael Johansson