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Issue 1 I  17 February 2022
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OLGC 2022 Calendar
Dear Parents & Carers,

My sincere thanks to each one of you as we navigate together a very unusual start to the school year, our OLGC community have once again demonstrated great resilience, kindness, care and compassion. We love having our school open for face to face learning!

Welcome to the newest members of our school community. In addition to our youngest students joining us in kindergarten we have welcomed 10 new students across other year groups. To our newest families, we are delighted you have joined our very special community.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People
An Acknowledgement of Country is a statement that shows awareness of and respect for the Traditional Custodians of the land we are on. We have started this year with an adjusted acknowledgement that engages the students with respectful actions and the use of traditional timber clap sticks.
Year 6 Leaders
Last week we commissioned our Year 6 leaders. The student leaders will each have an area of responsibility across the school, as well as care and guidance of kindergarten as their buddies. Once COVID-19 restrictions ease in schools we will be able to facilitate increased interactions between our leaders and the students in kindergarten.

Congratulations to our captains for 2022:
  • School Captains - Callan W and Olive H
  • Vice Captains - Marco V, Caitlin D and Annie T
  • Music Captains - Charlotte H and Ayla N
  • Dampier House Captains - Copper G and Winifred H
  • Tasman House Captains - Mia T and Angela W
  • Bass House Captains - Beth M and Noah D
  • Flinders house Captains - Demi C and Sara B
Homework at OLGC serves multiple purposes; it reinforces literacy and numeracy skills learnt at school, helps parents engage with what is being learnt at school and supports children to develop positive study skills and habits that will serve them well into the future.

Weekly homework is set at OLGC to include the weekend to assist families who are busy during the traditional working week. For example, it may be set on a Monday and is expected to be completed by the following Monday. Recognising that families are busy and that they may have different priorities regarding homework, some tasks are labelled as optional. Optional means optional! If your child can manage the task in the timeframe and you would like them to complete it, then they are welcome to do the task. We respect the decision of parents regarding homework, please discuss with your child’s teacher if you need to reduce the expectations.

Band is BACK!
It has been a delight to hear musical instruments being played around the school in either private lessons or as part of the band rehearsals. If your child is considering learning to play an instrument and would like to join the band, please contact our Band Director Janella Fyfe via email

Warm regards,
Fiona Dignan
Wellbeing for Learning
Research has shown that developing positive relationships is an important component of student wellbeing.

At OLGC we use our Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) to teach the children about pro-social behaviours which allow them to stay safe and connect positively with all members of our school community.

We constantly remind the children about our three rules for creating a supportive and kind environment at school. We say we Let our Light Shine when we are, Responsible, Respectful and Safe learners.

For each of our rules we have examples of the types of behaviours that make us responsible, respectful and safe students. As we begin this school year, I would like to invite you to join us in using this language at home when you are teaching your children about appropriate behaviours. Together we can reinforce these important behaviours which will help promote positive relationships, wellbeing and learning.
Paola Brannan
Assistant Principal
Religious Education 

It has already been a wonderful start to the school year as we began with a beautiful Mass with the teachers to start our Staff Development Day. We had the pleasure of coming together as a school for our Beginning of School Liturgy via ZOOM where we welcomed our new students and staff to our OLGC Catholic Community.
In 2022 we look forward to having Father Satheesh, Father Shiju and Father Biju lead us in prayer and be our guiding presence in our faith journey throughout the year. We are also grateful to be welcoming Kevin McGregor, an aspirant for Permanent Diaconate who we are fortunate to have working with our Parish and school community throughout the year ahead.
I wanted to also take the opportunity to express my joy and excitement to be appointed Religious Education Coordinator at our school. It is a privilege to guide our students, teacher and school community to build a strong, faith-filled community of disciples.
Sacramental program
The Sacramental Program continues this term with RECONCILIATION. The parent information evening is no longer being held, but all parents involved in the program have been sent a letter to outline the classes for this term.  We have information on our parish website under Sacramental Program 2021/22. Bookings opened on Friday 4th February to enrol in this Sacrament.  If your child has received the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation they are able to continue with the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Please contact if you have any questions or concerns.
Project Compassion time has commenced and the theme this year is For All Future Generations. This theme challenges us to pay it forward and to look to the future we wish to create. At OLGC we are supporting this charity by supplying each family with a donation box that will be sent home with the eldest child and we ask that they are returned to school by Wednesday 30 March.
As we approach the season of Lent, I encourage each of us to prepare our hearts and minds to know Christ and renew our closeness with him.
I am looking forward to the year ahead as we flourish and unite in our faith community.

Allison Houston
Religious Education Coordinator

Key Dates
Monday 21 February
Swimming Carnival

Monday 7 March
Northern Beaches Swimming Carnival 

Tuesday 8 March
Broken Bay Primary Swimming Carnival 

Thursday 17 March
Open Day

Tuesday 22 March
NSWCPS Swimming Carnival 

Friday 1 April
School photos
Swimming Carnival

The swimming carnival is being held on Monday 21 February 2022 at Warringah Aquatic Centre from 9:30am to 2pm for students in Years 2 to 6. 

Please ensure your child is at school on Monday by 8:45am to travel to and from the carnival by bus unless you are a volunteer on the day. 

By now you will have completed Compass and School Interviews to enrol your child in swimming race/s. Unfortunately, no changes can be made from now on.

Students are to wear their sports uniform and can wear colours to support their colour house. Hair spray and streamers are not permitted.

  • Tasman - red
  • Dampier - blue
  • Bass - green
  • Flinders - yellow
Please ensure your child has a towel, cap, goggles, morning tea, lunch and drink bottle in their bag. There are no canteen facilities available. 
Parent volunteers have been notified via email. Unfortunately, parent spectators are not permitted due to COVID-19 regulations for schools.  
School Student Travel

Students who need a School Opal card or travel pass but have not yet applied need to apply or update their details as soon as possible.

In the Opal network, students should travel with a Child/Youth Opal card until they receive their valid School Opal card. If outside Greater Sydney, parents should contact their local bus operator to discuss their travel needs.

New Student Opal cards (including new Term Bus Passes) will be sent to the student’s nominated postal address within two weeks of their application being approved.

Students living in rural and regional (R&R) areas will receive their travel pass from their nominated transport operator. It may be issued via their school or be sent directly to them at home. Note: some R&R operators do not issue travel passes. Students/parents should confirm with their nominated operator if they do not receive a pass.

Terms of Use
Students using Opal cards must tap on and tap off in line with the Opal terms of use. All students are required to comply with the Student code of conduct. The code of conduct aims to ensure the safety and well-being of school children and other passengers. It is important that parents ensure their child is aware of this, as failure to comply with the code of conduct can result in a suspension from travel.


Welcome back to school for another great year of reading and borrowing in the library. All children have a library lesson every week and they will be borrowing every week in this time.  To help your child please send them to school with their library bag and their library books each week.
Library lesson and borrowing days are:
Tuesday:      3-1A, 3-2F, S-2HB, 4-2E
Wednesday:  2-1M, K-1BK, 2-2C, 2-3E, S-1BL
Thursday:     1-1V, 1-2S, K-2DK, S-3GB, 4-1H
Procedures to help your child in the library:
The children in the younger classes usually finish their books by the next lesson and swap them all, however older children often need to renew their books as they are still reading them especially for longer chapter books. We ask that they bring all their books every week and then if they are not finished reading them, they can renew them in their borrowing time. They can continue doing this until they have finished the book.
Children in Kindergarten, Year One and Year Two will be given one new book if they leave their books at home (for the first time and then they will receive a reminder note if they leave them at home the following week) and usually we will send the new book in a plastic bag. Primary children (Year 3- 6) need to bring all their books back to school before they can borrow more. This encourages Primary children to be responsible for their own books and not to rely on you to remind them each week.
How to keep your child’s books dry and clean: 
All children need a library bag with their name on it. It can be the school library bag or any other library bag you wish, but please make sure it is large enough for bigger size books.
Encourage your child to have a set place to leave their library books so they are easier to find for library day. Always use a bookmark, don’t turn down the corner of the page or leave the book open as it breaks the spine.  To encourage your child to read let them see you reading and using a bookmark as well.
Some of the children carry their library bags outside of the school bags, often these bags are not waterproof. Please explain to them that their library books will get wet if it rains on them. The same thing will happen if they put their library bag next to their cold-water bottle with condensation on it!
How you can help in the library:
You can help the library in several ways.
Firstly, you can cover the new library books at home. We usually send you home ten books at a time and the contact to cover them with and because we usually get lots of volunteers you would probably only do this three or four times a year.  We would prefer not to send books home on the bus so you will need to pick them up at school if your child catches the bus home.

If you are able to cover books please send an email to with the following details:

  • Your name
  • Phone number
  • Eldest child's name
  • Eldest child's class

Secondly you can send in plastic or paper shopping bags so we can use them for children to put their books in when they leave their bags behind. Just send them in with your child in their borrowing time.
Happy reading,
Michelle Thomson and Nat Cox
Teacher Librarians


Our canteen is open 5 days per week (on a trial basis) for morning tea and lunch. You are able to order your child's order on Qkr! or they can bring cash for over the counter items.
Please ensure you update your child's class in Qkr before placing an order. Select the Profiles tab, then select your child's name and amend their year/class and select Update Profile. 
If you would like to volunteer in the canteen please click this link, no experience necessary. Please note all volunteers on the school site need to be fully vaccinated.

We have received a letter and certificate from the NSW Government to congratulate our canteen as the menu is meeting the requirements of The NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy. 

Thank you to Niki Gavranic for preparing the canteen and providing this service for our students. 


Welcome back to what is shaping up to be a truly special year, with classes resuming and our educators determined to finally shake the COVID monkey off our backs.

A special thank you to our OLGC staff, and the Broken Bay Diocese for striving to implement new COVIDsafe measures and testing procedures so that school can get back to how it was pre-pandemic.

As you have no doubt seen, alerts have been sent home, yet classes are still taking place.

For returning and new families, we would like to take this opportunity at the start of this year to welcome all parents and carers to the P&F general meetings. Your input and suggestions are an invaluable resource to ensure the school remains a cornerstone of our community.

Furthermore, if you have any questions you would like answered, or matters raised, please contact the P&F executive on

URGENT: Class Parents Needed
We are yet to have a Class Parent step forward for seven classes across Years 1-4. If you can spare the time, please consider taking up this role, as it is a vital position to the wellbeing and care of our students.

A class parent is the coordinator who ensures that our families remain connected socially and acts as a conduit between families, the P&F, teachers and school executive.

If your child is in one of the classes below and you can volunteer, please contact the class parent coordinator Julia Palmer on

We still need class parent nominations for the following, 
We appreciate that it is a big responsibility to be a year 5/6 class parent, so this year we are setting up a working committee of many members to cover all three classes and need volunteers from the following to participate;

Second Hand Uniform Sales
Thank you to Samantha Game (Year 1 parent) for volunteering as the Second Hand Uniform Co-ordinator this year. Uniforms are sold online only via:

Likewise, if your child has outgrown, clean, high quality uniforms, please donate them to the office.

Thank you to our amazing volunteers
Thank you to the wonderful Year 1 parents who volunteered to collate “Tears & Tissues” packs for new Kindergarten parents and thank you to all the volunteers who assisted with the construction of the wicking beds for the school garden program.

Families taking the time to contribute to the fabric of school life makes OLGC an amazing community. The welcome to new families is an important event, and with the new garden facilities our students will now have a wonderful resource to learn and grow with.  

P&F General Meeting dates for 2022
Please see attached the P&F meetings set for each term this year. We would encourage as many families as possible to attend the meetings and contribute to the running of your child’s school.

  • 15 March
  • 14 June
  • 30 August
  • 8 November (AGM)

OLGC P&F Committee

Extra Curricular

Mater Maria Catholic College

Open Day is on Wednesday 9 March 2022 from 4pm to 7pm.

Visit the Mater Maria website to watch the virtual tour and to find out more information about the Open Day.

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