The Mughal Feast by Salma Yusuf Husain

A handful of us attended a series of 4 classes around Mughal Food that @historywali conducted to support Kalap Trust. The sessions had Salma Husain speak to us in Urdu more poetic than you've ever known it to be, walking us through the years of the Mughal rule and the way various food were introduced by the ruling emperors.

The picture I've attached is something that truly is a thing of beauty (trust me, the book is even more beautiful - glossy pages, prints of art from those days, recipes with gorgeous borders, it's un-put-down-able!). The article I got it from, well, it's rather brief. This one does a far better job (but also talks about the influence of Mughal emperors, in general, on 'Mughlai' food and not Shah Jahan's influence alone).

I tried cooking a couple of recipes from the book. They're delicious. And maybe I screwed up the technique a little bit on them, but it got me thinking, had this been made in the kitchens of yore, the emperor would have said a 'takhliya' for sure. That said, that's not too much reason to not cook out of the book again. And anyway, we've got all month to do so. 

So, do join in. Just tag us (@thecookbooknook Instagram handle preferably and a host of whatever other meaningful hashtags) and we'll be happy to repost! I have this gripe about Indian publishing houses - it's very hard to get an epub on the Kindle Store. So you're going to have to buy the book (it's worth every penny, believe me!) or then message me on WhatsApp and it's a little bit of a long drawn process, where I send you pictures of the index and you pick a recipe or three and I send you pictures of the recipe. But if that's what works, that's what works! If we have more than 15 people cook a host of different things from the book, we might even do a small 30-45 minutes virtual meet just to catch up on what we thought about the recipes, what worked for us, what didn't, how we liked the book, al that.

If you're reading this and enjoy cooking, do cook from the book. You'll love it! It's far from Mughlai food served at restaurants in many ways. Until next month, nom nom!
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