Dishoom - From Bombay, with Love

We're still in the lockdown. We mostly keep to ourselves and have figured out a routine that works for us - working, cooking, chores... And for people who share a similar relationship to food, we ensure we cook with whatever we have at home and that we cook well especially on weekends. To be honest, I'm quite enjoying this shift The Cookbook Club taken over the past few weeks, to focus on cooking Indian regional food. Food that we might be comfortable eating.  A lot of the spices we usually cook with, in new proportions. A lot of combinations that will appeal to the Indian palate. But so many things to learn!

Dishoom is a restaurant in London. Owned and run by boys (men) who grew up in Bombay. South Bombay. They have tried to replicate recipes from an Irani cafe - the kind that used to dot SoBo (and the rest of Bombay and Pune even!) in the seventies, the eighties and the nineties. The 2000s have seen some of these get wiped out altogether, to make way for malls and shops or then revamped and made more 'appealing.' I guess I can't fault them because they have bills to pay and mouths to feed. But I'm sure there's a small chunk of us who'd still like for them to retain their old-world charm.

The folks at Dishoom are doing exceptionally well. And they thought they'd come up with a book. As an ode to where they grew up. And to spread the love of the food they serve. The book is a delight to read. Especially if you've grown up in Bombay.

We will be cooking from it this coming weekend. And then again over the last weekend of May. In our own homes.

And we'd love for you to join in. Just tag us (@thecookbooknook Instagram handle preferably and a host of whatever other meaningful hashtags) and we'll be happy to repost! And, of course, if you need access to the book, write to me (email, WhatsApp, whatever you like) and I'll try my best and help you out. I own a copy of the book and we have a pdf that we're using internally as well, so hit me up if you're serious about this and we'll see what we can do!

Until next time, nom nom!
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