Dining with The Nawabs

I should have sent this out last weekend. I wonder if device fatigue is a thing. I've been working so disgustingly hard through the week, come weekend, and I literally do ANYTHING to not look at this idiotic laptop. It doesn't help an ounce that I've been on a work laptop for a few weeks because my personal laptop cable refused to charge my laptop. I got that fixed, new Magsafe port for my Macbook Air and all. And it refused to charge after 48 hours again. There's a part of me that loves these legit excuses. And there's a part of me that really wants to get this newsletter out. So here we are. Albeit a weekend too late.

These past couple of months, we've all been in lockdown. I can go on record to say I don't like how the government is handling any of this disaster (or the ruling party, in general, for that matter). And it gets worse because half the Indian population treats Unlock 1 as "hey, we're back to normal!" It's a whole-nother topic that I do not get that name. But my newsletters are rarely about Gobhijee.

As you know, I've also been trying to keep the books we cook out of Indian, for the most part - regional Indian or, well, like this one - Dining with The Nawabs.

I think the funda is simple. Cook something new and out of your usual comfort zone. But with familiar ingredients. Most stuff we have in our pantries already. With these books, I've seldom felt the need to step out of the confines of my home to dish up something that is fancy, new AND tasty.

I bought Dining with The Nawabs as a binge buy last year when I was rather ill. And because I was homebound and not working and unable to move or talk very much, books were honestly my best friend. I was churning out 10 and 12 books a month. But that was then. I did cook a few recipes out of it through out the year. And I wasn't ever disappointed. So I thought this month, hey, why not?
The book is essentially a coffee table book - LOADS of amazing pictures and some beautiful text about 10 palaces across India/Pakistan. And, of course, an insight into their royal kitchens too. Even though nawabs and their kin may not hold titles of importance anymore, they still eat like kings. The tome comes with a velvet cover, complete with a royal invitation to take you inside. And then, inside, there's a kitchen copy. So you can merrily leave the nice, hardbound beauty in your living room and dirty the kitchen copy as much as you like. There are only about 6-8 recipes from each of the 10 palaces. So, you'd think picking something you like might have just gotten a whole lot easier. Talk to me, when you see the index. :D

There's also an interesting video with Karam Puri and Meera Ali (the photographer and the author, respectively) on Facebook from when the book first released over 2 years ago. And I find interesting snippets about the book every time I do a Google search.
We will be cooking from Dining with The Nawabs all month long. Mostly on weekends. In our own homes.

And, as usual, we'd love for you to join in. Just tag us (@thecookbooknook Instagram handle preferably and a host of whatever other meaningful hashtags) and we'll be happy to repost! And, of course, if you need access to the book, write to me (email, WhatsApp, whatever you like) and I'll try my best and help you out. I own a copy of the book and we have a pdf that we're using internally as well, so hit me up if you're serious about this and we'll see what we can do!

Until next time, nom nom!
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