By Stuart Miles | Thursday January 27 2022
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You no longer have to say 'Hey Google' first to get Assistant to shush


What's happened?

Google has finally made it a little easier and quicker to tell Google Assistant to quieten down and to stop rambling on and on.

Why does it matter?

You can now simply tell it to "stop". That's right, you can hush Google Assistant without actually having to say "Hey Google" first.

What's my take?

Wouldn't it be nice if this worked with everything and everyone beyond Google sometimes?

Huawei P50 Pro and P50 Pocket launches internationally


What's happened?

Having already shown off the devices during local launches in its home country, Huawei is finally rolling out the P50 series phones internationally.

Why does it matter?

As you'd expect from a premium Huawei phone range, they come with premium price tags. On the continent, the P50 Pro costs a handsome €1,199, where the standard P50 Pocket is €1,299. The Premium Edition of the P50 Pocket is a cool €1,599.

What's my take?

You might have all but forgotten about Huawei when it comes to the mobile phone market - its devices were once considered the Android phones to get, but that since waned. 

It is continuing to push what's possible though, and while I suspect these handsets will be mainly sold to fans in its Chinese home market, those keen to get an alternative to Samsung's Z Flip 3 now look to have one.


Customised gift ideas for your loved ones for this Valentine's Day


A true expression of love doesn’t come from grand gestures - it comes from small acts of thoughtfulness. VistaPrint is a platform dedicated to custom prints and gifts, and is prepared to ensure your Valentine’s Day is truly special this year. Find out how!

Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection review: Worth the revisit on PS5?

Sony Interactive Entertainment / Naughty Dog

What's happened?

The Uncharted series has been phenomenally successful for Sony over the years - both financially and critically - but we haven't had a new game since The Lost Legacy in 2017 and, with an Uncharted movie now doing the rounds, a new outing for Nathan Drake and chums is long overdue. This isn't that, but is an ideal opportunity to revisit the last two games in the franchise at their best.

Our quick verdict

When Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection brought three PS3 titles to the PS4 they underwent a major graphical overhaul. It's not so much the case with this follow-up collection of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. However, that's partly because both already looked superb and continue to do so on PS5. Plus, the addition of 60 and 120 frames-per-second play for those with capable TVs, plus incredibly fast loading times, help make this package an essential for newcomers and an ideal way to reacquaint yourself with two top-tier Sony exclusives. Read our review.

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