HUJI Cyber Security Research Center
Cyber Law Program
 The Hebrew University | November 2017 

CyberLaw: Articulating Our Research Agenda
HUJI Cyberlaw Newsletter Editorial #3

By: Yuval Shany

We are pleased to share with you the third newsletter of the HUJI CyberLaw Program and to update you on the progress of our program.
Our upcoming first anniversary of the program is a good opportunity for us to take stock of our research activity and to articulate with greater clarity our mission and anticipated directions of future research. All in all, there is much activity to report on: The Program has launched six fully funded research projects: NSM activities as predictors of terrorist activity, regulation of Israel’s private market cyber-security standards, prevention of computer-based crimes, regulation of online surveillance, the legal status of the Tallinn Rules for the regulation of cyber-warfare, and the regulation of cyber-based human enhancement for military purposes. In addition, we have submitted or are in the process of preparing 13 research proposals covering a range of topics from the development of lex cybernetica to the regulation of smart cars, from regulation of online “fake news” to online shaming, and from privacy in IoT to the study of white collar cyber-crime. To this lengthy list of projects, we should also add the individual research projects being undertaken by 16 of our research fellows and associates.
Employees’ Right to Privacy in the Internet Age – Toward a New Procedural Approach
Interview with Simon Perry



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Prof. Karen Eltis
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