The Hebrew University of Jerusalem | March 2018

Regulating Cyber Security Risks for Private Businesses - HU CyberLaw Newsletter Editorial #5

By: Yuval Shany

Welcome to the fifth newsletter of the HUJI CyberLaw Program. Like other fields of academic research, research into cyber law includes basic and applied research. Part of our work involves trying to understand the legal fields that govern different interactions in cyberspace (e.g., cyber attacks, cyber-crime, data sharing, surveillance, etc.) and the regulatory, liability, and enforcement challenges they pose. Another part of the work, however, involves trying to harness academic knowledge to solve specific policy problems. Under this latter heading, our Program has undertaken to accompany the drafting of a new governmental bill aimed at creating a legal framework for regulating cybersecurity in the private business sphere.

Efrat Daskal
Trading in Attack Data

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Interview with Tammy Katsabian


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