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Product Change Notice

As part of NetBurner's commitment to customer service, quality and reliability, we are sending out a notice for some very important software updates.

The first change is for users of our serial to Ethernet products, specifically the SB700EX and the SB800EX.

App Version:    2.11
NNDK Version:   2.9.1
Compile Date:   2019.07.22

Notes:  Modified Standard Release

  • Update to system files
  • Fixed issue with custom packet logic not respecting character accumulation value in TCP settings.
Additionally, the three major branches of our NetBurner Network Development Kit, NNDK, 3.x, 2.8.x, and 2.9.x, all have a new release. The details of these release notes are provided below. To see the full release notes for each version, see our tools download page, located here.
Release 3.1 (July 2019)
Significant Features Added In This Release (see notes below for more information)
  • Self generated certificates for web page configuration
  • Priority inversion support
  • VLAN support
  • NTP support for year 2038 and beyond
  • TLS support for WebSockets
  • Local Discovery utility that can be used on any OS to find devices on a local network. Can be used instead of an Internet discovery server.
  • I2C peripheral driver
  • I2S example
New in this release
  • New Examples For All Platforms
    • BasicWebConfigWithTLS
    • DIPSwitches
    • Serial2SPI
    • IntervalTimer example
  • New Examples For MODM7AE70 and ARM SAME70 Platforms
    • SimpleADC
    • SerialEmptyCallback
    • DACC
    • I2S
    • EBI_Paging (External Bus Interface)
    • PinIrq
  • System
    • bsp (board support package) source and header replaced with hal source and header (hardware abstraction layer). Functions common to all platforms are now in hal.. Functions that are only available on specific platforms remain in bsp.. See documentation for function details.
    • Priority inversion support added to RTOS. Disabled by default. Enable in predef.h with NBRTOS_PRIO_PROMOTION
    • Added support for self generated certs and easy to use secure configuration setup with EnableSecureConfig()
    • Added Base64Url support to Base64 library
    • Added DoUrlEncodedPost to the WebClient library
    • Added error code OS_PRIO_INVALID
      • Added check in OSChangePrio() for priority values greater than OS_MAX_PRIOS
    • Added double free buffer sanity check (disabled by default, enable in predef.h BUFFER_SANITY)
    • Added ‘ReadAllWithTimeout’ and ‘readall’ to sockets (TCP, TLS, Serial). Will read either until it has read up to the requested amount or it has timed out or the underlying socket has generated an error.
    • Added vlan support
    • Added template Queue class
    • Added DEFER and IF_RENTERED macros (defer.h)
    • Added interrupt callback functionality to the IntervalTimer.
  • Time
    • Updated all time_t reference to be 64-bit ( 3.0 had mixed, therefor broken time_t references in several places)
    • Added 2038 support to NTP
  • TLS
    • Added TLS support to WebSockets
    • Added ‘SSL_getsocketerror’ function
  • WiFi
    • Added Country support to WiFi Drivers. Allows channels supported in countries outside of North America
    • Improved reliability of NBWifi driver when operating at high throughput and unidirectional applications
    • Added WiFi reconnect in the case of a WiFi hardware crash
  • Device Configuration
    • Added ability to download and upload/restore full device configuration file from the root configuration http page
    • Added local discovery option, providing the ability for a device to discover other NetBurner devices on the same local network
  • Serial Configuration Server
    • Added tab complete
  • JSON Builder/Parser library
    • Added capability for arbitrary length strings to json lexer
    • Added object copy functionality to json_lexer. Allows you to copy a sub-object into an external JSON parser object.
  • WebClient Library
    • Added TLS support to DoJsonPost.
  • PC Utilities
    • Added headless golang utility, LocalDiscovery, to find first nb 3.0 device and launch self discover on that device.
  • MCF5441X
    • Allow MCF5441X devices to register ISRs inside global constructors
  • SAME70 (MODM7AE70)
    • Added ‘analogRead()’ to SAME70 PinIOs
    • Added TxEmpty interrupt Callback to SAME70
    • Added SetValueWrittenTrap to SAME70 debug traps
    • Added further diagnostic dumps from Smart Traps for Cortex-M7
    • Added I2C driver
    • Added document to help user access hardware registers/structures (arch/CORTEX_M7/cpu/SAME70/include/README.txt)
    • Added support for hardware random number generator to crypto libraries (Disabled by default. Enable in predef.h GATHER_RANDOM_USE_HW)
    • Added TCM support to the E70. ITCM does not support code compiled for c++ exceptions
      • Added TCM_VAR_SECT and EBI_n_SECT to MODM7AE70 linker. Also, moved ISR_STK to DTCM
    • Added setHighStrength function to pinIO
    • Added FlushCache_ByAddr and InvalidateCache_ByAddr functions
    • Added MODM7AE70 External Bus Enable autolock class to bsp
Corrections in this release
  • System
    • Fixed printf hang error with 0 length format specifier
    • Fixed OSTaskDelete and return from task to correctly clean up for Task Priority release and reuse
    • Fixed (v)s(n)(i)printf NULL buffer NULL pointer dereference (i.e. snprintf(NULL, “foo: %s”, foo_str)
    • Fixed IPv4 only mode
    • Support AutoIP interface addresses in ARP routing interface changes
    • Make AutoIP addresses stable across link state changes
    • Numerous fixes to improve routing with multiple interfaces, AutoIP, and routing priority across multiple interfaces
    • Fixed multi interface multi-cast group registration
    • Made routing and DNS changes for multiple interfaces
    • Made -malign-int TLS specific, improved system stability
  • EFFS
    • Fixed typo in F_LONGFILENAME (was F_uint32_tFILENAME)
    • Fixed time_t
  • TLS
    • Fixed potential deadlock
  • Utilities
    • Cleaned up correctly after failed application updates
    • Fixed sha1 endianess. Sha1 was yielding incorrect hashes on big endian platforms, but correct hashes for little endian platforms.
  • WiFi
    • Fixed MODM7AE70 endian bug causing an error when establishing an access point
    • Fixed issue multi task WiFi driver access causing command failures
    • Added recovery from corrupted WiFi transactions
    • Addressed several WiFi stability issues.
    • Fixed WiFi driver, so will not display transient results
  • JSON Builder/Parser library
    • Fixed error in number handling relating to significant figures
    • Fixed for characters after numbers getting chopped in ParsedJsonDataSet objects
  • MCF5441X
    • Added serpeek() to MCF5441x serial driver. Allows you to peak at next serial character without reading
    • Added protection against negative parameter value for IntervalTimer functions on the coldfire platforms
  • ARM SAME70 (MODM7AE70)
    • Fixed SPI RX error, where the transaction would never ‘finish’ due to rx buffer overrun under heavy device memory load.
    • Fixed Task creation Scheduling delay
    • Fixed for SerialReceiveCallback receiving in multi-byte blocks instead of every byte.
    • Fixed 485 mode due to failure to un-writeprotect the Mode Register
    • Fixes FPU corruption caused by ISR triggered re-enable of FPU
    • Fixed PinIO tgl function
    • Added missing pin constants for P1[31] and P2[42]
    • Fixed the ability to change IRQ polarity for level sensitive IRQ inside an ISR
    • Fixed DMA logic so that the correct AHB interface is used for addresses in the SRAM region. (Fixes SPI transaction failures for SRAM buffers)
    • Fixed Timer/Counter structure access used for timers 9–11 of the IntervalTimer. We were incorrectly referencing TC2 instead of TC3 in the timer/counter handlers 9–11.
Revision 2.9.1 ( June 2019 )
Corrections in this release
  • Ethernet VLAN
    • Fixed VLAN tag on wifi interface
  • PPP
    • Added DNS server negotiation
  • System
    • Fixed system-wide alignment bug that caused various networking failures
    • Fixed multiple interface routing bug primarily affecting PPP
  • WiFi
    • Fixed crash that occured when wireless module was under heavy network stress
Revision 2.8.9 (June 2019 )
New in this release
  • System
    • Converted time_t to 64-bit, which makes devices 2038 compliant (
Corrections in this release
  • Ethernet VLAN
    • Fixed VLAN tag on wifi interface
  • System
    • Fixed system-wide alignment bug that caused various networking failures
    • Fixed secure web sockets. Failed to connect
  • WiFi
    • Fixed crash that occured when wireless module was under heavy network stress
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