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February 2023 - In This Newsletter
  • Southern Region Blog and UUA CommunicationsLove at the Center by Nancy Combs-Morgan; From the UUA President: New Proposal for UU Principles and Purpose
  • Southern Region Events - Toolbox Webinar Series 2022-23; Presidents' Gathering Series 2022-23 
  • News - So You’re Working on the 8th Principle...; February Religious Educator Meet and Eat; UUs Showing Up for UUs Who Show Up; Upcoming OWL Facilitator Trainings; Chalice Lighters Update; Spring Right Relationship Team Training; UU@UN Intergenerational Spring Seminar; Legacy Giving Webinar for Congregations; EqUUal Access Carolyn Cartland Sermon Contest; Taproot: A National BIPOC Space; General Assembly 2023 Updates; News from The Mountain
  • Calendar Listing of Events, Occasions, and Connection Opportunities
  • Connections - UU Camp, Conference, and Retreat Centers in SR; Quick Links; Southern Region Staff
Staff Blog and UUA Communications

photo_nancy combs-morganLove at the Center
Nancy Combs-Morgan
I was rereading some of James Luther Adams (JLA) work over our Winter break and was inspired, and thankfully reminded, of his emphasis on the role of freely choosing community. Then in reading our Regional Lead, Natalie Briscoe’s blog post from January, What if I’m Not Ready, it further led me to a reflection on the role of love and faithful relationships in our lives.
Let’s begin with JLA for this reflection…"All relations between persons ought ideally to rest on mutual, free consent and not on coercion." We freely choose to enter into relationship with one another. (James Luther Adams Five Smooth Stones of Religious Liberalism.)
What a precious gift to feel deeply connected to others with a sense of agency, mutuality, and consent. There is so much in our lives, and especially in the last few years, where our sense of control and agency has been taken from us.
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brand design image_UUA color stripe

photo_rev. dr. susan frederick-grayNew Proposal for UU Principles and Purpose
Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick-Gray
Dear friends,
Happy New Year! I am sending you care as we begin another year. This, 2023, is an important year for Unitarian Universalism.
We are currently in a multi-year process to consider changes to our UUA Principles and Purpose. This process formally began in 2020 when the UUA Board appointed an Article II Study Commission. This is a dry name for such important work. The reason is our Principles, Purpose, covenant and Sources are contained in Article II of the UUA Bylaws.
cover of A2SC's Jan 2023 report to UUA BoTOur seven Principles and six Sources – which we know and love – were adopted in 1985. They offered a substantial (even radical) change from what preceded them. The changes came through years of effort by UU women, particularly the UU Women’s Federation, to push for gender equality in UUism, support for women in the ministry and to eliminate sexist language from our bylaws, hymns, and yes, from the version of Article II passed in 1961 (at the time of merger).
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Southern Region Events
Save the date for these upcoming Southern Region events!

Plan ahead, as registration deadlines may apply. Be sure to scroll all the way through this newsletter to learn more about additional events offered by clusters, congregations, and other Unitarian Universalist organizations. View our Southern Region events calendar here.
clipart_red toolbox filled with colorful toolsToolbox Webinar Series 2022-23
Toolbox Webinars are compact and efficient one-time training sessions that support congregational leaders and staff. Toolbox Webinars are offered live, monthly, beginning in August, and last up to 90 minutes (most are on second Tuesdays). Learn more and register here.
  • February 21 - Leadership Resources and Paths, with Natalie Briscoe. This Toolbox session will assist you in creating your own leadership development path, including methods of recruitment, content for leadership training, and recognition of volunteer leaders.
  • March 21 - Worship for Lay Led Congregations, with Cameron Young and Kathy McGowan. In the last several years, we have gained new insights into what worship can be and look like for lay-led congregations. Exciting new resources, connections, and partnerships  are available to support lay-led worship. In this webinar, we will delve into what is the purpose of worship, how worship may be structured (or not), and creative content resources. (Please note, the date for this webinar has been moved out one week from the originally scheduled date.)
photo_large metal chalice with candle, water backgroundPresidents' Gathering Series 2022-23
Presidents' Gatherings are an online space for congregational Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Vice Presidents, and Past Presidents to create a community of learning and collaboration with each other and with Southern Region staff. This series is offered from September through May, on third Thursday evenings (with a break in December).
Cost per congregational team:
  • Complementary for APF Honor Congregations (for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2022)
  • $100 for congregations that were not APF Honor in 2021-22
Upcoming sessions and topics (Third Thursdays at 6:00 PM CT/7:00 PM ET):
  • February 16 - Committees on Ministry/Committees on Shared Ministry
  • March 16 - Safer Congregations
Learn more and register here.
So You're Working on the 8th Principle.... Learn from other congregations doing anti-racism work. Worship - Workshops - Caucusing. Saturday February 25, 2023 on Zoom, 12-5 pm ET. Sliding Scale fee of $10-30-50. New Day Rising Central East Region.-So You’re Working on the 8th Principle...
February 25
Join this year's New Day Rising event, sponsored by the Central East Region, to learn from neighboring congregations about what path they've taken with their 8th Principle and other antiracism work, and how your congregation might move itself forward. We’ll have worship, a panel discussion on Kickstarting Your Congregation’s Anti-Racism Work, caucusing and workshops based on where your congregation is now. This workshop includes pre-work and resources on the UU Institute.
Registration and details at the CER website.
photo of interconnected handsFebruary Religious Educator Meet and Eat
February 21
We are inviting religious education professionals, from across the country, to virtually join members of the UUA’s Faith Development Co-Lab on Tuesday, Feb. 21st from 12:00 p.m.-1:30 p.m. EST.
The meet and eat gathering for religious educators will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with other DRE’s.
Our conversation topic will be twofold. First, we will explore the importance of community connection with colleagues. Then we will share what folks are thinking about for Spring/Summer religious education opportunities which focus on service and multigenerational connection.
Bring your ideas and questions on Spring/Summer social justice initiatives that welcome children, youth, and adults; Coming of Age experiences for youth, and Summer program ideas!
Register today!
UUs Showing Up for UUs Who Show Up
February 7
For generations, UUs have been jailed for our conscience in resisting systems of oppression. As our tradition becomes more justice-oriented, rates of UU arrests are on the rise. How does our conscience also call us to be there for those whose bodies are on the line? Learn how UUs are building capacity to support and share the load in the face of mass arrest. Find out more about how to organize support for those who are arrested and jailed as a conscientious form of protest. Presenters: Rev. Karen Van Fossan, Antoinette Scully, Rev. Dr. Clyde Grubbs, and friends.
UUs have been engaged in social change efforts, including nonviolent civil disobedience, for many generations. Today, it seems that UUs who resist injustice are being arrested and detained at increasing rates. This is due, in part, to an enhanced partnership between corporations and the state in criminalizing dissent.
The sustainability of UU activism, as well as the sustainability of UU activists, well may depend upon the capacity of UU entities to provide a spectrum of support for those at the frontlines. Join us!
Register for the trainingDownload the toolkit.

webinar event infographic_UUs showing up for UUs who show up
our whole lives "owl" logo in white on a black backgroundUpcoming OWL Facilitator Trainings

April 14-16, Oak Ridge, TN, Level 7-9/10-12
April 28-30, Raleigh, NC, All Adult Levels
April 28-30, Raleigh, NC, Level K-1/4-6
chalice lighter logoChalice Lighters Update
Proposals for Southern Region's Spring 2022 Chalice Lighter call cycle will be accepted until March 15th. Please note, this is a firm deadline. Learn more about the Southern Region Chalice Lighter program here. Submit a proposal for a Chalice Lighter call here. Sign up to become a Chalice Lighter here.
Two hands holding sparklers in twilight with a heart-shaped filter around the sparksSpring Right Relationship Team Training is Open for Registration!
Creating beloved community requires intention and practice. Our covenants articulate our intention, but how do we live into the practice? Right Relations Teams (RRT) are lay leaders entrusted to help the congregation practice faithful communication and creative conflict based on values of mutuality and consent.  This training is for congregational teams who will be helping their congregations live into their covenants. Learn more and register here.
Note: This training may also be taken on your own. Learn more about the solo training option here.
intergenerational spring seminar event infographicUU@UN Intergenerational Spring Seminar
April 1-3

The Unitarian Universalist Office at the United Nations, UU College of Social Justice, and UU Service Committee are excited to announce that the 2023 Intergenerational Spring Seminar will take place April 1-3, 2023, with the theme "Demilitarization & Abolition: Resist Policing and Empire."  The event will be in-person in Minneapolis, MN, with online participation options. Featuring Virtual Keynote: Andrea Ritchie, co-author of "No More Police"
The Intergenerational Spring Seminar aims to instill in Unitarian Universalist youth and adults a commitment to global engagement and the skills to take action locally to address global issues. Through workshops, peer and expert-led panel discussions, community building activities, and worship services, you will undergo a transformative process of learning, reflection, and growth while exploring some of the most challenging issues facing humanity today.

Learn  more and register for the Intergenerational Spring Seminar.
Legacy Giving Webinar for Congregations
February 11, noon to 2:00 Central/1:00 to 3:00 pm Eastern
The UUA’s Legacy Gifts Office offers a number of services, including an online workshop to assist congregations in creating legacy giving programs. The webinar on Saturday, February 11, 2023 covers the basics of legacy giving and how to set up a legacy giving program in your congregation. We aim to equip congregations with the knowledge they need to start a legacy program. To register for the webinar, email us at or call (617) 948-6509.
logo_equual accessEqUUal Access Carolyn Cartland Sermon Contest
Since 2016, EqUUal Access has sponsored an annual contest for sermons related to disability.  It is named after Carolyn Cartland, an early president of EqUUal Access. This annual contest highlights disability-related themes and topics. Entry deadline: May 1. One cash prize of $500. When feasible, the winner may be invited to present their sermon at an EqUUal Access event during UUA General Assembly. Travel costs to GA cannot be supported.

 For more information, please visit Information for Submitting a Sermon on the EqUUal Access website.
Taproot: A National BIPOC space. Image of a tree root on a yellow background and the UUA logoTaproot: A National BIPOC Space
February 9
The work of the spiritual community is complicated in the 21st century. From busy schedules to the ever pressing tension brought on by systemic injustice, the need for faithful leadership that is grounded and resilient is imperative. This is all the more true for leaders within our communities and congregations who are Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPoC). All too aware of this need, Congregational Life is excited to explore and co-create a network with congregational leaders that support them in this time in emergent ways through Taproot: A National BIPOC Space.
Find out more and register for Taproot.
logo_uua general assembly 2023General Assembly 2023 Updates
June 21-25, Pittsburgh PA and Online

The theme for General Assembly 2023 is "Faithfully Becoming." We are at a threshold moment for our faith and will choose the next path in our journey. We will consider new articulations of Article II (including our Principles and Purpose) and elect a new President to lead our Association. These are decisions that will shape who we are and how we respond to and grow through these times. These changes offer us possibilities for becoming more connected, courageous, inclusive, generous, and continuing our ongoing journey of becoming Beloved Community.
Registration is now open!
Register early to secure the lowest rates. Volunteer opportunities and financial support are available.

GA Housing Reservation System is Now Open!
Reserve your housing today! To book your room today, visit the GA Housing Reservation System. Any reservations canceled after May 22 will be subject to a $50 cancelation fee. The housing reservation system will close for new reservations on May 23. Learn more about General Assembly housing options here.
the mountain logo with blue sky, clouds, and mountains in the backgroundNews from The Mountain Retreat & Learning Center
Join The Mountain team – live in an amazing place and help make a positive difference in our world.
Music Week  -  April 23-28    
Each day you will enjoy opportunities for group and individual participation and instruction in songwriting, guitar, voice, ukulele and more. You can venture in lightly, explore something new, or dig in deeper and hone your craft. Learn more and register for Music Week!

Events, Occasions, and Connection Opportunities
clipart_calendar pageUpcoming Events

February 8, UUs Showing Up for UUs Who Show Up
February 9, Taproot: A National BIPOC Space
February 11, Legacy Giving Webinar for Congregations
February 13, UUA Board of Trustees Meeting
February 14, UUA Board of Trustees Open House
February 16, Southern Region Presidents' Gathering
February 21, Southern Region Toolbox Webinar
February 21, Religious Educator Meet and Eat
February 25, So You're Working on the 8th Principle...

View our complete events calendar here.
Camp, Conference, and Retreat Centers within the Southern Region
The Mountain Retreat and Learning Center, Highlands, NC
UBarU Camp and Retreat Center, Mountain Home, TX
Shelter Neck UU Camp, Burgaw, NC
Serving the Southern Region

Natalie Briscoe, Lead,, 617-742-2100 ext. 8197
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Nancy Combs-Morgan,, 859-494-2424
Jessica Curren, Administrator,, 407-894-2119
Lillian Drab-Braddick,, 617-948-4368
Kathy McGowan,, 617-948-4295
Cameron Young,, 972-383-9197

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