Inside This Issue:

  • learn about the importance of succession planning 
  • learn about specific tools that can help you build your succession plan
  • use the samples/templates provided to draft a succession plan for your agency


Succession planning is becoming increasingly important as LBS managers and key staff leave the field.

Implementing a succession plan will allow even small LBS agencies to continue to serve learners through replacement that has resulted due to retirement, transitions or even tragedy.  A careful and considered plan of action ensures the least possible disruption to the person's responsibilities and therefore the organization's effectiveness.

Resources To Help You Build Your Succession Plan

Literacy Link South Central developed a tool kit in June 2009 that contains resources to help you create your succession plan.  To view the tool kit please click here.  Below is an overview of some of the resources you will find in the tool kit.

Agency Succession Planning Needs Assessment:
(pages 22-25 of the tool kit)
This tool will help you to determine what you already have in place and what the gaps are.  The assessment asks you questions such as:
  • How well informed and up-to-seed is my board on the issues, trends, and challenges facing our agency?
  • Does my board know where corporate records are kept in the office?
  • Do I keep a lot of information in  my head or in my own private records that has never really been transferred to my agency?
  • Is there any confidential information to which only I have access?
  • ... and many more questions to determine where you currently are and where you need to be.

To make sure that you and your agency have everything in place that is important.  The checklists include things such as:
  • Emergency Succession Folder Checklist (page 41) - questions include:
    • an emergency succession plan identifying key people that will step into key positions when emergency succession is necessary
    • staff & board contact list
    • a copy of the business plan and agreement
    • key passwords list, etc...
  • Succession Binder Checklist (age 42) - questions include:
    • succession plan policy
    • organizational calendar
    • a list of key organizational documents and where they are kept
    • financial & banking information
    • location of contracts, agreements, policies, 
    • ...etc....
  • Organizational Documents Checklist (page 43-44) - to make sure that important agency documents are in place and up-to-date.  
    • a list of organizational documents and where they are kept, such as...
      • articles of incorporation
      • bylaws
      • strategic plan
      • business plan
      • list of signing authorities
      • key staff job descriptions
      • ...etc....
  • Policy Checklist (page 50-52)- this is a good starting point to make sure your agency has developed and implemented policies included in this checklist.  
    • Personnel Policies Checklist - to name a few: 
      • confidentiality
      • hiring policy
      • evaluation
      • vacations
      • sick leave
      • code of conduct
    • Financial Policies Checklist - to name a few:
      • mileage
      • wage/salary
      • travel and expense
      • audit
    • Operational Policies
  • Annual Succession Plan Checklist (page 99-100) - to determine if any documentation or component of the succession plan needs to be updated

Sample Templates:
These templates can be modified to the needs of your agency.
  • Sample Succession Policy
    • pages 27-29 of the tool kit
  • Sample Emergency Succession Plan
    • pages 30-40 of the tool kit

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