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Attracting & Retaining New LBS Learners


Target: 90%
Based on closed service plans

Best Practices/Tips/Strategies to Achieve the Target

  • use whatever means necessary to gather this data, including face-to-face, email, phone, text, Facebook
  • give learners the chance to provide their feedback on what works and what doesn't, as well as make suggestions for improvement
    • this could be through monthly satisfaction surveys, comment box, or client conference
    • the aim is to catch issues early and then respond quickly to resolve them
  • have learners fill out the 1-5 satisfaction question on quarterly progress reports; this can be used for any unexpected exits
  • post your customer complaint and resolution process in a place where learners can see it
  • make your service learner centred:
    • listen to what your learners want and then provide that training
    • update their plan according to their needs
  • show personal interest
    • cater to their style of learning whether it is one-on-one or class
    • encourage them by showing how far along they've come
    • call/contact them when they haven't been attending to make sure they are OK
  • have checkpoints to help identify learners at risk of leaving the program
  • if learners ask something, do your best to find an answer
    • look for the necessary resources for the success of your learners
  • exit any inactive learners
  • treat your learners like they are family!

Target: 50%
Based on closed service plans
Helpful Formula:
  • since the target is 50%, you should be getting 50% of your denominator
  • denominator x 50% (0.5) = target # of referrals
  • if you are below your target # of referrals, you can then calculate how many learners you need to refer to meet your target

Best Practices/Tips/Strategies to Achieve the Target

  • invite community partners to monthly staff meetings so staff can learn about the referral agency
  • bring in community partners every other month for a lunch n'learn so learners and staff can learn about other programs and register on the spot, if they want to
  • develop good relationships with community agencies, know the workers
  • get to know your learners; the more you know them the better able you are to plan and assist them towards their goal
  • quarterly checks on stats are a good reminder to ensure referrals are being recorded
  • referring often comes as a result of client questions; so keep digging until you find the answer and don't forget to record what you did
  • use common referral form and process
  • participate in local inter-agency groups and networks
  • build referrals into your registration process, client conferencing and exit process
    • use every opportunity you can
  • make sure that each and every learner has either a referred in or has been referred out
  • support your learner past the goal or goal path expectations; support them along the way, which also helps make follow-up easy too
  • Here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:
    • Where are we getting learners from?
    • Where aren't we getting learners from?  Why not?

Target: 30%
Based on closed service plans
On average, each learner needs to meet 3 suitability requirements.

Best Practices/Tips/Strategies to Achieve the Target

  • targeted training/outreach for the target group
  • some learners choose not to self identify at intake so have monthly checkpoint meetings to ensure everyone is on track.  Because they feel more comfortable with the instructors they will often choose to self identify at this point.
  • to ensure that individuals meet the definition of a learner as outlined in the program guidelines, assessments are administered to all learners entering the program.  The participant registration form is strictly followed to ensure eligibility and suitability criteria are met.  A rational is provided for any learner who is not clearly identified through suitability criteria, as suitable for the program.
  • if you meet the needs of the adult learner, this just populates itself with the diversity of learners.
  • use a pre-screening tool, which lists MTCU eligibility and suitability requirements.  Before an assessment or registration visit is booked, ensure potential learners are both eligible and suitable.

Target: 60%
Based on both active and closed service plans

Best Practices/Tips/Strategies to Achieve the Target

  • monthly staff meetings are held where each student file is analysed with respect to attendance and progress.  If progress is lacking then a checkpoint meeting is scheduled to understand what is going on so the student can move forward.
  • have a check mark on the class list when someone has completed a milestone during the fiscal year so you can prioritize those who do not
  • encourage staff to administer breaks if learners are ready before breaks; ie. winter holiday, March break, summer break
  • set up classes with appropriate milestones integrated into the curriculum
  • include a break down of applicable milestones and timelines related to the learner's goal right in the learner plan
  • learner plans are owned by the learner.  You must be able to show the learner progress to the learner to keep them engaged to their learner plan completion.
  • keep on top of the learner activities and making sure that they are inputted into the EOIS regularly

Target: 90%
Based on both active and closed service plans
Helpful formula:
  • take your agency target and divide by 12 which equals # of learners per month
  • Take the # of learners per month and multiply by the # of months since April and that is where you should be (i.e. if it is September you would multiply by 6)
  • you must take into consideration if you have a slow month

Best Practices/Tips/Strategies to Achieve the Target

  • targeted training/workshops
    • it is helpful if these training sessions appeal to the masses
    • once engaged with the program, people are more likely to register for ongoing instruction
  • hotel programming with other organizations
  • have an outreach worker who provides promotion of the program
    • attend fairs and events in the community
    • provide program info to community stakeholders and wrap around services
    • create partnerships
    • follow up on referrals
    • create videos that explain how the program can help meet a learner's individualized needs in order to attain their goal
    • radio and/or newspaper ads
  • offer courses during evening hours to reach learners who are working during the day
  • aim for an amount for every quarter of the fiscal year
  • pay attention to your numbers!  For example,  
    • if you have a target of 100 learners and you carry-over 30, you know that you need 70 new learners
    • if you are only open 10 months of the year (70/10=7) you need 7 new learners per month
    • in April, if you only register 5, you know you need to catch up
  • if you are not meeting your numbers, here are some helpful questions to ask yourself:
    • What client group could we target that we are not serving? (use data from report 60B)
    • Who are our current referral partners?  Which partners could we focus on?
    • Are our services accessible?
    • Could we offer itinerant or mobile services?
    • Do our operating hours meet the needs of learners?
    • Is our agency contact info and service description up-to-date on the web, social media and in any print material?
    • Do we offer programming that meets the needs of clients being served by other partners such as ES and OW?


Below are links to a few videos that have been produced in the last few years.  These videos highlight the value of the LBS program to learners. In addition, the Valley Adult Learning Association (VALA) in Fort Frances developed two new videos last year to promote their program.  If you like the video and want to adapt it to reflect your program, contact VALA and for a fee the video can be adapted.  The videos are found on VALA's website homepage


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