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What's The Deal With Marketing? Volume 2

There are 3 keys or 3 pieces of the puzzle for marketing:
  1. Audience
  2. Message
  3. Location
In order for your marketing to be effective, you need to have the right message, to the right person, at the right time/place.  Let's look at each one in more detail.


You must first understand who your target audience is and what their needs are.  Once you know what their needs are, then you can become a relevant/ideal solution.

It is also important to know where your audience puts their attention and how you can earn their attention.  Knowing the following details will help you to create an effective message.
  • male/female
  • age
  • are they interested in sports? Or other activities?
  • what do they believe in?
  • education level
  • what is a day in a life for them?
  • etc...
Keep in mind that you may need to tailor your message if you have different target audiences.


Before anything else can happen, something has to capture your audiences' attention.  This highlights the need for a good headline.  If you would like tips on how to write a good headline, along with examples, please click here.

For learners, community stakeholders, volunteers, etc... it's all about outcomes/ tangible results.  So it's our job to convert features of our products and services into the tangible end result that the learner wants.
For example, possible outcomes may include:
  • for a learner - be prepared for work & life, learn new skills, learn more about yourself, be more confident, manage your money
  • for a community stakeholder/partner - help your client succeed, information that can make your job easier
  • for a volunteer - be part of a team, make a difference on an important issue, use your valuable experience and knowledge

Ask yourself...

What problem does my audience have that we can solve?  What will they get out of this that they didn't have when they started?  Why should they do this at all?


Be where your audience's attention is often enough that when the need arises, they think of you.

Is there a place where your audience can be found?  Can you promote your services there?  Is there an ideal time to promote your services?

Some traditional and non-traditional types of marketing include:
  • flyers, brochures, posters, billboards
  • media - radio, TV, newspaper
  • events, tradeshows, workshops
  • website, social media, videos, emails, eblasts
  • Word of mouth continues to be a huge way of attracting learners to your programs.  Encourage your learners to talk about you and what you do.

Promotional Products are still a great marketing tool...

People still love to get free stuff!  Select products that people use often and keep around for a long time.

A Word About Digital Marketing

The key to keeping people engaged online is understanding why they are there... they want to socialize, forget about work, have a good time and focus on themselves.  So if all you do is try to shove your products/ services down their throats they will leave.

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