Year-end is fast approaching, 24 days left (but who's counting)!  With this in mind, the Northern Networks sent out a request for tips/advice regarding gathering and entering data so that agencies' year-end CaMS reports capture all that they have done and all that learners have achieved.  Below are the tips/advice that were shared:

Use Excel Spreadsheets

  • Compile all of your data on excel spreadsheets using reports on CaMS.
  • Be sure to capture:
    • clients that are assessed but do not enter the program
    • all referrals, calls, drop-ins, emails and texts
    • outreach, information sessions and assessments

Use the Comment Section

  • When entering milestone and learning activity plan items in CaMS, use the comment section to write brief task or learning activity descriptions (including dates) so that it shows on the plan summary print-out.
  • Sort the plan summary items by competency before printing so that at a glance you can see what learners have already completed and are working on and if anything needs to be added.  This helps keep learners' achievements current in CaMS.


Don't Let it Build Up

  • Don't let it build up to the point where it is daunting and overwhelming.
  • Compile a list throughout the week of every students' activities.  Throughout the week, as time permits, keep plugging away at the list.  At the end of the week it is all done.
  • When a student exits, cross check the file to the CaMS learning activities, milestones, referrals and culminating tasks to make sure it all matches up.

Schedule a Specific Day & Time

  • Dedicate a reasonable time and day for each CaMS task and stick to it.
  • For example:
    • Monday 9-10: Open new cases
    • Friday 2-3: Close cases
    • Friday 3-4: Enter all milestones from the week
    • Last Monday of the month 2-4: Attendance calls

Use Tabs with Checklists

Have tabs with checklists inside the learner folders.  Base the tabs on the ministry monitoring questions.

  • Client Decision Model - Referral In, Eligibility, Case Exceptions, etc
  • Registration Forms - EOIS CaMS, ASDUP Contract, Northern College Registration, Release of Information
  • Assessment Strategies - ESEE Assessment Results, CAMERA Assessment Results, Goal Path Information, NOC Code for Goal, Evidence of Job Posting Examples, Entrance Requirements Needed for Goal, etc
  • Learner Plan - Original LP Signed, LP at 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc. Closed learner plan.
  • Additional Support - Additional referrals during service, special needs information, etc
  • Grading Sheets - LBS Marks, Essential Skills Mastery Binder Tracking Sheets, ACE Tracking Sheets, Targeted Training Sheets
  • Milestones - planned, results, double check when file is closed
  • Progress Updates - Progress meetings, case notes, updates to/from sponsors, attendance record
  • Readiness to Exit - Evidence of AMAZING work, ESEE Exit Assessment, Evidence of goal path training completion, copies of certificates gained, referral at exit and follow-up

A Note About Referrals

  • Ensure all referrals (at intake, during, exit) are recorded in CaMS.
  • Even if you refer the same learner to 3 different places, make sure to record it in CaMS.  It may only count as 1 referral on the service coordination line of your report 64, but it counts as 3 under the water line.

Have Correct Processes in Place

  • Make sure everyone is aware of the correct process to collect the needed data.

Compare Your Data

  • It is a good idea to compare your data to regional and provincial data, to see if there are any major discrepancies.  You want to be able to explain the reason for the differences.
  • You should compare your data at least quarterly, but preferrably on a monthly basis.

Congradulations to the Winners of the $50 Tim Cards!

  • Pierrette Desrochers-Kavanagh and Sara Feero from LNN
  • Katherine Shine and Walter Prettie from LNW
  • Wendy Conway from MNN
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