February 2018

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Oh heyyyy besties!

We're doing a different kind of bleeding this month: A huge blood drive (also known as #Bleedin4Amina) across multiple cities this spring! If you live in SF, LA, Chicago, Austin, NYC, DC, or Minneapolis, click here to sign up for a donation appointment at one of our drives. You get to save some lives and hang out with other CYG listeners while you're at it. The blood donations will not go directly to Amina (she's not a vampire, she just has insomnia OK!?), but they will save LOTS of lives and this is a cause that is near and dear to her heart. It's our way of showing her some love.

And if you can't make it to one of our drives, you can still give blood this spring and fill out a form to tell us you donated, and we'll count you as part of our #Bleedin4Amina efforts. We know not everyone is able to donate (in part because FDA restrictions here in the U.S. are discriminatory), so we appreciate you even if the FDA won't let you be great. And we could always use your help spreading the word.

Love, Ann + Gina + Aminatou
Mess us up, Janelle, yeah, but no one does it better.
We could watch the women of Wakanda destroy their opposition all day long.

Adrienne Kitcheyan and Tuesday Brauer, who pressured lawmakers to improve access to feminine hygiene products for incarcerated women. The Arizona Dept of Corrections had previously insisted that just 12 pads were enough for people on their period. Kitcheyan and Brauer are two formerly incarcerated women who testified before an all-male committee of the Arizona State Legislature:

"Being incarcerated and not having enough pads to move through your menstrual cycle is embarrassing, degrading and precarious. Without access to adequate hygiene supplies, we were forced to rely on other women to help make up the deficiency. We were frequently at the mercy of male corrections officers, who often used their power to make us wait a full day to receive an additional pad. Meanwhile, we sat in our own fluids, risking infection and the humiliation of bleeding through our pants."

Thanks to their brave efforts—supported by State Rep Athena Salman—the Arizona Dept of Corrections will provide at least 36 free pads or tampons to incarcerated women every month. Do you know what menstrual hygiene supplies are available to incarcerated people in your state? Take a few minutes to look into it and write your reps about the issue.

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Ann is loving
  • Colorblocked looks! Especially featuring my color obsession of the moment, tomato red. I recently got some bright red vintage Levi's on Etsy for $18 (good thing I chose to get stoned and spend hours scrolling through the options, right?), and this sheer top that I'm still working up the courage to wear outside in daylight. Related obsession: These Moncler Genius head-to-toe puffer looks.
  • Dryer balls. I don't know why it took me so long to forgo dryer sheets for these eco-friendlier, static-curing little things.
  • The Vornado, my beloved space heater. Makes it possible to work from home all day without racking up giant heating bills. Seriously one of the best purchases I've ever made for my home office.
Gina is super into
  • Weekday Korean spa/museum/library dates with your BFFs in lieu of (or in addition to?) happy hour
  • If you have piles of cash to spend on cashmere, I'm drooling over another beauty from our pals at Of A Kind. 
  • Miso soup for breakfast. Add anything you have: seaweed, tofu, kimchi, an egg.
Amina recommends
  • Kacey Musgraves' Space Cowboy I love Kacey so so so much. My friend Bobby says "she’s Lee Ann Womack with a vape pen" and my god it's so true. Space Cowboy is perfect because she cleaves the phrase open, dropping a comma between the two words as a means of writing a deeply affecting song about finally letting go of a dying relationship. Kacey is a treasure. 
  • My friend Caity sent me this hair brush cleaning thing as a joke but I am hooked! It is so deeply satisfying to pick hair out of a hairbrush. Yeah I'm recovering from surgery and hella bored. This is my life now. Send help.


OMG can you believe this portrait by Xavier Schipani?!

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