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17th January 2021

We are seemingly in a golden age of pseudoarchaeology with a 2018 survey of Americans revealing 48% express belief in ancient aliens (up from 27% in 2016) and 57% in Atlantis (up from 40%)

One reason for this has been speculated to be that, almost uniquely out of all the sciences, the popular view of archaeology appears to be dominated by nonsense. Apparently lacking in such great science communicators as Attenborough, Hawking and Sagan, the field’s best sellers and documentaries come instead from the likes of Hancock, von Däniken and Tsoukalos.

Such beliefs are far from harmless, often driven by nationalism, religious fundamentalism and anti-establishment conspiracism, they are fundamentally racist and have had devastating consequences. Pseudo-archaeological beliefs in “mound builders” were used by President Andrew Jackson in an attempt to justify violence against Native Americans while similar beliefs in “Vinland” were expressed by the white supremacist behind the 2017 Portland train attack.

So it is that Skeptics in the Pub – Online offers a timely welcome to archaeologist and historian Mirko Gutjahr, who is part of a growing movement to rescue real archaeology from the jargon and pay walls that keep it hidden and bring it to a public whose apparent addiction to the pseudo-alternative is hopefully indicative of a genuine interest in the field.

Cambridge Skeptics

Pseudo-Archaeology: Fake News and New Fakes
with Mirko Gutjahr
Thursday, 21st January 2021 at 7:00pm
Light bulbs in antiquity? UFO landing sites in Peru? Giant pyramids in the Balkans? Authors like Erich von Däniken or TV shows like "Ancient Aliens" accuse archaeologists of hiding important discoveries and masking the truth. According to them the monumental buildings of the past were created not by our ancestors but by aliens or extradimensional beings. At first glance this appears harmless - fantasies written by science fiction authors. However, those claims are deeply rooted in creationist and racist ideas. In times when fewer and fewer people trust in science such views become more popular and thus give rise to right-wing esoteric ideologies. This talk sheds light on the problem of "pseudo-archeology" and will try to prove that real archeology is much more exciting - and true - than archaeological fantasies.

Mirko Gutjahr is an archaeologist and historian working as a scientific advisor at "Luthergedenkstätten", a Martin Luther memorial foundation with five museums and UNESCO World Heritage Sites at three locations in Saxony-Anhalt. He also produces German language podcasts about curious facts from history. One of his podcasts has been translated into English at

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