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Happy Monday you lovely bunch! It's December. Isn't that nuts? Seriously, it feels like someone pressed fast-forward on the backend of the year in order to skip to Christmas and seeing as we're heading off on honeymoon this coming weekend, I ain't exactly mad about that. It's here! An almost month-long trip to New Zealand that hopefully will involve sun, sea, walks, wanders and massages (seriously, I've booked in a facial, massage and emergency brow taming session already). Seeing as my working week will wind up pretty soon, I thought I'd do the 'end of year' thang early and drop into your inboxes with a little reflection on 2017; sharing the 10 life lessons that I've learnt over the past 12 months... 

Lesson #4

The 10 Things That I've Learnt in 2017

1. A healthy headspace is everything. Whenever I've felt myself creep over into the jumbled end of the mindset spectrum this year, it's resulted in me being an overworked stress-head who is a nightmare to live with (SORRY MARK!). Here's the thing though - life is good! We're all happy and healthy, we have a roof over our heads and work is going well, IT'S TIME TO CHILL OUT. Often all I need to do is to take a step back, and yep you've guessed it, write a list or just get my thoughts on paper. That simple act takes the load off for me and means that Mark is less likely to come home to someone who is having a meltdown on the kitchen floor like a toddler. 

2. Stepping away from social media is a good idea. Whilst I do believe that Twitter and Instagram are bloomin' awesome (where else am I able to convey my excitement at the Harry and Meghan engagement with the use of a meme?), the 24/7 nature of them both isn't such a great feature. I tend to take a step back at weekends and evenings now, so not to be physically attached to my phone all week and I've really noticed a difference in terms of feeling like I've had a proper relaxing spell after dinner, plus my evenings feel longer because I haven't wasted an hour stalking the explore page and wondering 'WHAT. THE. HELL?'. 

3. Planning a wedding is rather time consuming. We settled on a rather tiny wedding back in May this year, which was such an AWESOME day and included just 27 of our nearest and dearest. I thought with it being intimate it would be a walk in the park, but even with small numbers I still ended up having to put my head in-between my legs and deep breathe in the local Pret the day before our nuptials. If you're in the midst of planning right now then I send you love, good wishes and a bottle of Rescue Remedy. 

4. Home makes me happy. Whilst the odd trip here and there is good for the soul and allows for rest, relaxation and a top-up of the ol' creative juice, it's when I'm at home that I really hit the sweet spot in terms of my productivity. I find that when I've packed too much into my diary it pushes me off kilter and I struggle to get back into my routine (and you know I LOVE routine). So for 2018 I'm going to try and plan my calendar a bit more strategically and so trips are dispersed throughout the year with plenty of time to get back into the swing of things between. 

5. Finding new friends is fun. This year I've been lucky enough to meet some real babes (Allana, Jamie, Helen and Geneva to name just a few), through various different trips and it's so nice to add to your friendship numbers later on in life when you thought your BFF-making days were over. It's a helpful reminder to always have an open mind when you meet people because you never know what gems you might bump into. 

6. Comments aren't terrifying. Now this one is pretty YouTube specific, but let me tell you a little secret. This time last year I was pretty terrified of reading the comment section under my videos, which I realise sounds a wee bit dramatic. Having a stranger tell you that you're boring or that your hair is shit, is never particularly fun. These days though, I'm older, I'm wiser and I bloody love reading 'em; be it good, bad or constructive. I feel so lucky to have such a supportive and intelligent viewership and I feel like really engaging with the feedback is helping me to come up with new ideas and create videos that are enjoyable to make and share. You're a lovely lot - THANK YOU! 

7. Delving into the community is good for your creative juice. I read so many more blogs that I did last year and the same goes for watching videos too. I feel like I've discovered a real cracking reading, viewing and listening list over the past couple of months and not only is it entertaining, it really helps me to think more creatively about my own content. I've always said that I aim to create things that I would want to watch or read myself, and I feel like this year is the first year that I've properly nailed that brief; whether I've been writing about how to wash cashmere (GRANDMA BLOGGER ALERT) or doing a video on my favourite winter recipes (again, GRANDMA BLOGGER ALERT). 

8. Finding the right workspace is key. I spoke about this in the first 'An Edited Life' newsletter and curating my workspace to be just right, has really been a key factor in upping my efficiency levels in 2017. Before I used to work all over the flat (including the bed *slaps wrist*), but in recent months I've plopped myself down at my desk and GOT. TO. WORK. I'd recommend carving out a dedicated workspace to fellow work-from-home peeps because it really helps me to switch off at the end of the day and gives you a space to walk away from for breaks and lunch (she says as she watches ANTM clips at her desk whilst eating soup). 

9. It's time to lean into flexibility. I realise that I'm extremely privileged to have flexibility in my working hours and this year I've probably leant into that. I've realised that it might not always be this way, so whilst I can spend a couple of hours visiting my Grandparents for lunch, I should and if that means working late into the evening, then that's completely cool. Sometimes I work better that way as I tend to have a productivity spurt in early hours and then in the evenings, so for me it's been about finding the balance and making the most of my current circumstances, whilst still getting shit done. 

10. I am so bloody lucky. About a month ago when I was walking down the road on the way to the shops I genuinely welled-up at the realisation of how lucky I am. Mark is fab, my family are healthy, I've got a great group of mates and I couldn't have wished for a more awesome hobby to have become my full-time job. Blog posts, videos and newsletters don't just fall out of my arse, of course there are plenty of hours that I dedicate to the grind, but it's a daily grind that is truly a pleasure and I thank my lucky stars everyday for everything that I have (LOLZ I'm tearing up writing this/I am currently on my period - these two things are not mutually exclusive). 

PHEW. Well this has been unexpectedly emosh, but I hope you all have a great festive period! Thank you so much for your continued support; as always it is much appreciated! BRB I'm off to NZ, but keep an eye on your inboxes on 1st January for the next instalment...

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