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Morning all! Firstly I want to send all the good vibes this way. I'm hoping you are well and safe and continue to be. March threw us a curveball and a half, right? Just popping the U.K Government website here so you can keep up to date with all the recent developments and wherever you are in the world I encourage you to do the same. For the meantime we're indoors, which is no different for me as someone who has worked from home for the past seven years, but my routine has completely been thrown out of the window. As a lover of routine this just ain't the one for both my physical and mental wellbeing, so I've been attempting to piece back together some kind of schedule into my day. I'm sharing the steps below, along with some video viewing incase you have some time to spare, my favourite quarantine recipes and my working from home uniform essentials. 


Lesson #29

How To Find Routine During This Uncertain Time

With things changing daily right now, it's tricky to establish routine into your life when flexibility is key. However for a Virgo like myself, I crave some kind of schedule and outline to my weeks, so here are the five things I've been trying to help provide some structure...

WAKE UP. It can be so tempting to sleep in and if you usually have a long-ass commute then I actively encourage setting your alarm a little later than usual. But on the whole I've been trying to stick as best as I can to my usual routine; either setting my alarm for 6 or 6:30am. If you're new to working from home, or want to see my current day plan looks like, then check my latest blog post for tips. 

WEEKDAY/WEEKEND. With everyone at home and many working from home too it can be tricky to distinguish the difference between a working day and non-working day, with the absence of social gatherings and outside activities. But try to establish some kind of routine in your weekdays - like an earlier wake-up call, defined meal times and a daily structure featuring work, breaks and workouts - and fill your weekends with all the good stuff. I'm talking video chats, an online wine tasting with your friends, a pub quiz on WhatsApp with your family members, a remote film club, baking, doing puzzles, doing that thing that you've put off for years and can do in the comfort of your own home. Basically max out your virtual social calendars and activities lists at the weekend. 

DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE. In the U.K we've still got at least another two weeks inside, so I've been trying to find things that bring me joy that I can do more frequently to break up my week. SPOILER: I love to bake. Obviously food shopping is not the one right now, so I've been limiting myself to a mid-week bake one day after work and then a longer more complex weekend bake to fill an afternoon. My advice? Find something that you enjoy and can do inside and then programme it regularly into your week so that you have something to look forward to. 

MOVE IT. I feel like a broken record banging on again about exercise, but it really is such a great salve for stress and anxiety. At the time of writing this newsletter the U.K guidelines still allow one form of outside exercise a day, which we have been taking in nice open spaces and enjoying some vitamin D on our bones (one day we will have a garden - THE DREAM!). IG Live workouts from @Psycle and @PeoplesPlaceGym have also been wonderful and are easy to do at home with minimal or no equipment at all. Use exercise to break up your day; I like it as a bookend either first thing or last thing, but if you fancy a lunchtime stroll to break up the day then be my guest. Try and aim for at least 30 minutes of movement at the same time everyday. 

YOUR NEW NORMAL. You've got to shield and protect your mental health as much as possible and that might mean redefining what you deem a 'successful day' for the meantime. You might not be getting as many working hours as you normally do under your belt; perhaps dropping off shopping items for vulnerable friends and family is eating into your day, you're volunteering, or you're just straight up struggling and all of those things are ok. Just do your best, remember that tomorrow is a new day and this is hopefully just a brief pause in the grand scheme of things. You do you boo

A Point In The Right Direction

'Sweet Potato Dhal' by Anna Jones  It's a family favourite here in the Newton household. Bursting with flavour, but surprisingly easy to make, it freezes up well and just a small bowl is enough to fill you right up. 
'Jammy Pepper Pasta Salad' by Bon Appétit I made this last summer and it's on my to-make list again because it's the perfect lunch that would keep all week (it gets better as it sits in the fridge!). Use whatever pasta you can get your hands on and it will all work perfectly. 
'Parisian Flan' by Ricardo  I saw this recipe be shared by Bella Mackie and I surprisingly had everything but cream already to hand. It's the perfect anti-stress bake in that it's a little fiddly in places, but the end result might just be one of the best things I've ever made. 
'Tahini Billionaire Bars' by Bon Appétit You might have seen these already on my IG, although at the time of writing this I'm planning to make them over the weekend. Again all I had to buy was cream and chocolate, so the recipe list is pretty straightforward. A sweet and salty take on millionaire's shortbread. 

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Lululemon Leggings* The ultimate working from home/at-home workout piece.
& Other Stories Hoodie*Very much into the spring-time shade of this hoodie.
Missoma Tunnel Hoops* My current everyday earring. The perfect size.
H&M Dolman Sleeve Jumper* Love the cut (& the matching skirt*!)
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