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Happy April all! We made it out of the grimmest part of the year and spring is just around the corner. It's peaking round the curtain, it's just brushing it's teeth and will be ready in five - IT'S ALL GOOD. We're in good spirits here at Chez Newton as the first part of our renovation plans have been completed and ticked off and we are back in business. Putting our house back together felt so great and even though we've just renovation our windows, thanks to a mega clean, some organising and a new lick of paint, it feels like we've moved in all over again. So I thought I'd give you some ideas if you too fancied giving your home a mini makeover. If you're looking for more I highly recommend Grillo Designs who is a genius when it comes to DIY's that have serious impact and are great whether you are renting or a home owner. Here are some ideas...

Lesson #39

Small Steps To Spruce Up Your Home

Upgrade Your Garden. I mean this is more Mark's forte than mine, but if you're lucky enough to have some green space then why not spruce it up this summer? Of course some furniture and maybe a little BBQ are a good start, or maybe you fancy turning your attention to growing some of your own produce? Mark loves the book 'Veg In One Bed'* and I've heard nothing put good things about the 'Sow, Grow, Cook' Patreon

Get Some Houseplants. I'm always asked about our houseplants in my DMs, more specifically our fiddle leaf fig which just seems to love life and our rubber plant that we keep having to pin back because it's so spritely. Of course head down to your local Garden Centre to scope out their wares, but if that's not possible we got ours from Hortology and I have nothing but good things to say. Two years later and they are still ALIVE! Success! They are just one of those things that help to pull a room together and make it feel more homely. 

Sort Out Your Bedding. I feel like I'm always recommending bedding, but there is nothing more inviting that a a soft and squishy bedspread in my eyes and it really helps to polish up a room. Once you upgrade to the good stuff you can never go back. It's boujee and most definitely an investment but we love a linen set - it's warm enough for the winter, but breathable enough for the summer so we have it on year round. Our favourite sets are from Bedfolk* and I love a simple, crisp white number. 

Find Homes For S**t Corner. Our corner of filming equipment in our office was getting volcanic. Turns out half the stuff didn't even need to be there. There were better homes for it all that made wayyy more sense - like putting the bits we don't need often into the loft, or sorting through my products to give to friends (and actually doing that!). For the things that do remain the HAY Organising Crates* are a good temportary alternative, until you can budget for some fancy Tyklo storage. 

Clean, Mend & Do. This weekend we had a huge clean and clear-out putting the house back together after the windows were completed and I did so many little tasks that I'd been putting off; de-bobbling jumpers, sewing back on a button, writing out cards to friends, wrapping gifts for mates who have just had babies - all these little things that were gathering into piles all over the house. It felt so good to get them DONE. 

Paint a Room. Ok this isn't a small step, but we repainted our bedroom last weekend and I feel like we have moved into a brand new home. Especially if like us you've moved recently, or maybe there's a room that you've always wanted to redecorate but have been putting it off, put aside a weekend or too and whip out your paintbrushes. I'm not into doing things around the house that feels like a short-term fix (over time we need to re-plaster the bedroom), but it's a relatively cheap fix that provides maximum effect. 

Spruce Up a Corner. Maybe you don't fancy repeating a whole room, but just want to add some interest to a corner. Lily did a great job of painting a colourful arch in her office that helped to break up the space, or maybe you could wallpaper an alcove or just the one wall. We have a wall in our kitchen that's currently paper that we're not crazy about so we're considering repainting over the top as a temporary fix for now and who knows? Maybe we won't pick white. Or maybe we will... 

Update Your Dinnerware. This might seem a little random, but I'd put dinnerware into the 'vest top and socks' category of purchasing, a.k.a) They are one of those purchases that you just put off until every single plate is chipped and five years have passed by. We recently upgraded all our dishes to the John Lewis x Denby Quartz Rose collection* and it makes me so happy at breakfast, lunch and dinnertime. A good time to invest before you start having people round for dinner again next month. 

A Point In The Right Direction

'I'm 22 Weeks Pregnant, But I Haven't Told Anyone I Work With...But Why?' by Alex Holder for Grazia So many of my friends are popping out babies right now, so I'm having a crash course in maternity leave the workplace politics surrounding it. Definitely worth a read whether you're with bebe or not - I feel like it's given me a greater understanding to support my friends going through it. 
'Racism Against the AAPI Community Is a Beauty Industry Problem' by Ariana Yaptangco for ELLE An extensive round-table discussion featuring brand founders and makeup artistry experts on what the beauty industry can do. If you read one thing this month, make it this. 
'Harry Styles's Grammys Performance Saluted The Many Shapes of Male Sexuality' by Olivia Ovenden  I think I could write a dissertation on THAT Grammys performance, but I'll leave it to Olivia who wrote a wayyy more coherent and considered piece than I could calm myself down to write. 

In case you missed it

My Spring Wishlist I mean this post does what it says on the tin. A what's what of my spring wardrobe wishlist.
Working From Home Style My working from home capsule that I've lived in, basically for the past year. Comfy trousers necessary.


ARKET Relaxed Shirt* I LOVE this shirt, such a good year-round piece.
ARKET Suede Loafers* I just picked these up and they are brilliant. So comfy.
ARKET Long-Sleeve T-Shirt* Another recent buy. Perfect for S/S as it's so light and airy.
MANGO Quilted Strap Sandals* I'd recommend sizing up in these CHANEL Dad Sandal dupes.
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