Happy 2019! How are we all? Christmas and New Year treat you well? I hope so and if it wasn't too rosy then I'm sending a big ol' hug your way. The festive season was peppered with friends, family, Baileys and occasional bouts of work in order to get ahead before the heavy book stuff swings in, because yes - 'An Edited Life' is published this THURSDAY. THIS. THURSDAY. I still can't quite believe it.  

Scroll down this newsletter to find all the information about my book tour dates and links to grab tickets and a HUGE thank you to those who have bought tickets to all the events so far (we've sold out London, York and Norwich which is nuts). Down there you'll also find my favourite reads from the past few weeks, posts you might have missed and my go-to products from the past month. Oh yes, this month's edition is a beefy one. In the meantime though I thought I'd chat about the timely topic of New Year's resolutions; how to make them and more importantly, how to enjoy them...   

Lesson #15

How to make fun *and* realistic New Year's resolutions

Seeing as New Year's resolutions are on everyone's mind (along with the anger of Cream Eggs being available to buy already and whether or not it's acceptable within your budget to purchase *just one more* chunky knit), I thought I'd dedicate this newsletter to making intentions that are not only realistic, but are also fun too. Someone suggested this angle on Instagram Stories so a big thank you for that and I loved this take because when I looked back on my resolutions for last year, the one's that I stuck to where the ones that didn't completely suck. What a shocker eh? So here's how to shift your goals in each category so that they aren't enjoyment-drainers on your life...  

  • Whatever your financial goal, make sure you at least have a little bit of 'fun' money to play with each month. Maybe you don't even spend it and the thought of just having it there and having that flexibility is enough to get you to your goal, or maybe you do spend it on going out for a meal once a month with fiends, or treating yourself to a coupe of books, or seeing a film. Even if it's just a tenner, having it to spend might make the budgeting pill easier to swallow. 
  • For some reason apps make budgeting a little more appealing to me. Ever since I downloaded my bank's app I've checked my balance far more often than I used to and have therefore been much more on top of my spending. Download your bank's app and see how you get on. Like it? Give the Monzo a card a go. It a great way of keeping track of your disposable income and where and how you spend it. 
  • When it comes to career-related goals I'd suggest steering clear of anything that involves an ultimatum. 'If I don't get a promotion in six months, then I'm out of here!' can be motivating for some, but it can feel stifling for others. Instead frame it in a different way and look to explore new opportunities. Maybe you are looking to leave your current role, but spur yourself on by giving yourself the goal of looking into or applying for one new job a week, instead of putting a restrictive time-frame on things.  
  • Flexibility is key when it comes to all goals, but especially personal ones because we all have the tendency to be too hard on ourselves. To make them more enjoyable and something that you actually want to do, build in the 'It doesn't have to be 100%' factor. Mark and I would like to eat more vegetarian food for example, but we're also happy to eat meat when we're visiting friends and family occasionally. We know we might not be 100%, but that's ok - we're getting there. Baby steps and all that. 
  • This year I added a fun resolution in my list just for the hell of. Not something that's particularly ground-breaking or character building, but actually just something that I've always wanted to. I want to buy a pasta machine and make homemade pasta, and I'm SO EXCITED. Do something that you've always wanted to do, add it on the list and I bet it will be the first one you complete. 
  • Ahh good old fitness goals. The classic! Here's the thing - if it ain't broke then don't fix it. If you've found something you enjoy then continue on with it. YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH. For me I love Reformer Pilates. Could I push myself more? Yes probably. But do I enjoy it? Yes, I love going down to my local studio. So instead of making a resolution to go harder, I'm making the resolution to just leave things as they are. 
  • With fitness more than any other category you have to actually want to do something and if you haven't found your workout sweet spot yet then I suggest making the search more enjoyable by trying out new things that are convenient and within budget (two stumbling blocks that often get in the way). Get a mate in on the action too, which not only makes attendance a more social experience, but also makes you more accountable for ditching your classes last minute. Win, win. 


This week the 'An Edited Life' book tour kicks off and I'm here for it. I've already packed my suitcase, downsized my favourite beauty bits into travel miniatures and have downloaded 'You' - that crap series that everyone loves - for the multiples train journeys I'll be on, as I head up and down the country meeting you lot, signing books and dishing out numerous 'THANK YOU FOR BUYING MY BOOK - I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!' hugs. Apologies in advance for the latter. Fancy coming along? Here are the dates, locations and links to buy tickets. Hopefully see you there! 


11th January - Waterstones LONDON (Tottenham Court Road) - SOLD OUT! 
14th January - Waterstones YORK - SOLD OUT! 
15th January - Waterstones NOTTINGHAM - TICKETS HERE
17th January - Waterstones MILTON KEYNES - TICKETS HERE
22nd January - Waterstones CAMBRIDGE - TICKETS HERE
24th January - The Kilkenny Shop DUBLIN - TICKETS HERE
30th January - Waterstones BRISTOL - TICKETS HERE
31st January - Jarrold NORWICH - SOLD OUT!  


4th February - TORONTO - Not confirmed, but pencil it in! 
16th February - 2ND LONDON EVENT - Details will be released soon
28th February - BRIGHTON - Details will be released soon 


13th March - Waterstones CANTERBURY - TICKETS HERE
14th March - GLASGOW - Details will be released soon
15th March - EDINBURGH - Details will be released soon 
16th March - Waterstones NEWCASTLE - TICKETS HERE

A Point In The Right Direction

'Holidays Are For Reading' by Anna Jube for Into The Gloss A solid book recommendation post, so a good place to bookmark next time you're trying to find your next read. The post is fab, but the comments are a goldmine
'The Biggest Beauty Trend in 2018? Makeup Brands Behaving Badly' by Cheryl Wischover for Vox A fascinating look at f-ed up things that brands and their founders have done throughout the past 12 months, and how consumers are wising up, calling them out and taking their business elsewhere. 
'What's Behind the Lip Gloss Boom? The 90s Nostalgia, Wellness and Tinder' by Kati Chitrakorn for BoF As someone who is well and truly stuck down a matte-lip rabbit hole, who knew that glossy lips were so in? Apparently they are! Sales are up and brands are jumping back on the bandwagon. Lancome Juicy Tubes FTW! 
'That One Night: An Oral History of the Greatest 'Office' Episode Ever' by Andy Greene for Rolling Stone Now this one is for diehard 'The Office' fans only, because it truly is a deep dive and a 20 minute read, but it's a look behind the creation and filming of one of the greatest episodes of a T.V comedy show EVER. It makes re-watching it even more hilarious. 
Freelance v. Full Time: Is The Grass Actually Greener?' by Meghan Nesmith for Man Repeller  So, so interesting - whatever side of the fence you're currently on. The line 'Freelancing asks you to put a lot of stock in the work you do - to treat your job not like a thing you do for money, but rather like a lifestyle, a deliberate choice' - has knocked about in my brain since I read it. 

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