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Greetings! How are we all doing? Yes October is here and it's officially 'DAMN I wish I bought my thick coat with me' weather. Trust me, I won't be making that mistake again. We're all good here, still bunking down in my parents office, but hopefully the end is in sight (maybe!). So with house stuff still firmly planted in the front seat of brain, I thought I'd do one final dump of all the advice that we've stored up through the process. Of course we've only done one half of the deal, but if you're thinking of moving anytime soon, here are some thoughts for you to ponder...

Lesson #35

Thinking of Moving? Here's My Advice...

With the stamp duty reduction in the U.K and hitting the 30 marker, it feels like E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E I know in my life is on the move. We've only done one half of the deal with selling our flat, but I thought I'd collate all the things that we've found to be helpful so far and the pointers to think about before putting your property on the market, the things to keep in mind whilst it's on there and what to do when you have an offer...

  • TIDY UP. I mean it's an obvious one, but make sure your property is looking as top-notch as possible; whether that's completing decorative tasks you've been meaning to finish off for years, or just giving it a deep clean and tidy (better to edit your possessions now to make packing easier later on!). 
  • MAKE BROCHURES. I've mentioned this tip a million times already and spoke about it more in this post, but a homemade brochure featuring titbits that only you know about your home and the surrounding area is a really nice touch. 
  • SORT PAPERWORK. Make sure you have all your certificates that your buyers will be asking for prepped and ready. Locate a legal team, surveyors, estate agents and a mortgage advisor if needed. Just get all your ducks in a row - it helps speed things up further down the line. 
  • DO YOUR RESEARCH. Know the market so you can be sure that you have your home on for the right price (and know that what you're looking for exists!). Price it too high and it will sit on the market for months, or too low and you're missing a trick. 
  • DOUBLE-CHECK FINANCES. Create a spreadsheet to be able to assist you with speedy decisions (Making Saving Expert is a good place to start!). This way when you receive an offer you'll be able to know if it's financially feasible for you to accept it or not with a click of a button. 
  • BE FLEXIBLE. As annoying as it is to have to keep vacating your home for viewings (especially when a lot of us are working from home right now), saying 'yes' as much as possible to viewings makes everyone's life easier and could mean the difference to receiving an offer or not. Suck it up and go for a walk round the block. 
  • KEEP IT CLEAN. No matter what number viewing you are on, resist the urge for your standards to slip. Whilst most people can see past clutter, or your drying washing or your dinner prep - some can't, so keep it tidy. 
  • STAY CALM. The viewing process can be quite grim. Lots of people traipsing round your home and giving you a list of reasons why they don't like it. FUN. But like Lady Gaga said, it just takes that one person in the room... 
  • SEE EVERYTHING. If you too are looking for a new home, then be open minded at seeing as many different types of properties as you can, especially at the start - then you can begin to whittle down your criteria. Different areas, projects, or types of houses might tickle your pickle more than you first thought. 

  • BE ON IT. Once an offer is accepted, here is where things go into overdrive (or not!). And in both cases you just want to be on it. Being a pest without being annoying is the aim here and I cannot tell you how many DM's I've had from people saying that they had to message the estate agent/their legal team everyday to get things over the finish line. 
  • TIME TO PACK. We left ourselves four full days to pack and although I'm sure it would have been better to pack a little everyday over the period of a month or so, that just didn't work with our schedule - so all in one it was! Whatever you decide, just leave yourselves enough time. Four days for a two person, two bed flat was just about right. 
  • BE CUTE. You love your old home right? So give the new owners a warm welcome. When we arrived at our place the old owners left a card and it was so lovely to read. This time round we left some flowers and some booze. Leave it clean and full of good vibes and be a nice human, you know? 

A Point In The Right Direction

'Your Surge Capacity Is Depleted & That's Why You Feel Awful' by Tara Haelle  I found this article so, so interesting and it beauty illustrates and explains the way so many of us are feeling right now. 
'My Three Fathers' by Ann Patchett for the New Yorker A heart-warming read by one of my favourite authors. This makes me really want to read her non-fiction books! 
Sweet Potato Mac & Cheese by Nigella Lawson I mean, do I even need to comment on this? Make it, eat it, thank me later. It's an utter delight.
'Buying Myself Back' by Emily Ratajkowski for The Cut CW: Sexual abuse. A powerful account of vulnerability, consent and the media. Definitely work a read.

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