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Are you ready for round two? Yes, it's time for the next monthly delivery of the 'An Edited Life' newsletter and I can't quite believe how quickly October has arrived. I have to start by saying a huge thank you for all your feedback and love that you sent my way after my debut inbox delivery. It was extremely lovely, completely surprising and I'm so glad that you enjoyed getting stuck into something new. I strive to reply, or at least favourite all tweets and emails, but if I didn't then THANK YOU! Right, emosh bit over I thought we'd chat today about self care and why it's so important to your day-to-day happiness, relaxation and productivity levels because my bet is that you're not indulging enough in it...

Lesson #2

Self care is EVERYTHING 

We all know that self care is good for us, so why are we pants when it comes to making time for it? We're nice to others, rotten to ourselves and prioritise work and being busy over everything else. I get it. Work equates to an income which puts a roof over our heads and money in our pockets for the odd Space NK spree, but it doesn't necessarily equate to us being our best selves. That comes from investing time in self care. The keyword here being 'TIME' because quite frankly we all don't have enough of it and I don't know why the sun and the planets haven't just knocked their heads together yet to source an extra day of the week for us all already. What's the hold up guys?

If you're a Mum then I apologise and feel free to eye roll at the childless yours truly bleating on about the wasted hours in a day. You're a hero and I have mad, mad respect for you. For the majority of us though I reckon there's at least a 10 minute slot, if not an hour-long portion that we can slice out of the day and use it for something that makes us feel bloomin' fantastic. For me it's cutting out half an hour of pointless Instagram scrolling before bed, or using my train journeys to London for something other than reading about Kylie Jenner's possible pregnancy online (I can't help it. I'm obsessed. Send help). 

Some days I'm jammed and I'm busy cancelling a PT session with one hand, whilst trying to make something for dinner with the other and conduct a conference call on my mobile phone with my toes on the keypad. We've all been there and in those moments the idea of taking time before bed to paint my nails whilst I lol away at Friend's on in the background seems like it only happens in a parallel universe. You feel drained, but nine times out of 10 you wake up on the right side of the bed the next day. However, I've been trying to take a step back in those manic moments, to realise that actually I'm making a rod for my own back and if I'd been better with my time management and not been a complete super sleuth on Kylie Jenner's instagram earlier in the day then I would be having the chillest of conference calls that doesn't involve dialling in with my big toe. 

So what does my self care routine look like? Obviously this is going to be different for everyone depending on your likes, dislikes and your current role; however for me it involves three things: exercise, pampering and a good ol' book. Lily doesn't believe me when I say that I go to the gym or do Reformer Pilates four times a week, because if you haven't Instagrammed yourself there sweating out, then did it even happen? I try and spare you the grim selfies, but as someone who works from home I find that the act of leaving the house and having to be phone-free for a whole hour is worth it alone, despite the health benefits.

Next, pampering has entered a whole new level for me because I finally gathered the courage to take a bath in our enamel-lacking tub. The overall experience wasn't as sandpaper-like as I'd expected and I'd forgotten just how flippin' fantastic they were. I light a candle, I file away at my feet, shave, read a book (the trashier and more tear-induing the better), watch an episode of 'Bachelor in Paradise' - I practically spend the whole evening in there and am a complete prune when I finally emerge. I even moisturise when I get out. I KNOW. It makes me feel absolutely glorious (and glowing) and I go to bed feeling really bloody chilled, no matter what has happened previously that day. 

Whilst both of these things make me feel amazing, there are some days where quite frankly I can't be arsed and it's in these moments that I reluctantly drag my ass to the local Pilates studio because I need it the most. I need to be phone-free. I need to give myself a proper lunchbreak. I need to be kind to my body. If we saw a friend who was being completely fried by her schedule we'd tell her to take a break, indulge in self care and hit the reset button - so why don't we do it for ourselves more often? IT'S TIME TO BE YOUR OWN BFF! Notice when you're losing momentum to preserve yourself both physically and mentally - take you foot of the pedal, whack out that foot file and pamper yourself like a pro. Go on - you deserve it. 

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