November Newsletter
November? How the hell did we end up here already, eh? I have to say that when I started to think about what the bulk of this newsletter should focus on, I wasn't too sure where to start. October was an odd month, where things kept happening that threw all my well-laid plans in the air, and nothing seemed to run smoothly. Now don't start playing the world's smallest violin for me just yet, because I also had the chance to go on two little mini breaks, which were extremely lush. However, my weeks spent at my desk were messy. There were also a few things that happened that were scary and put me off kilter, but in the longterm have had and will have positive repercussions. So that's what I'm going to ramble on about today. I know Halloween was last week, but sometimes it's good to be scared... 

Lesson #3

Sometimes It's Good to Be Scared

FUN FACT: I hate public speaking. I hate it so much that when I was in school and it got to my turn to read out a page from the book we were reading in class, I'd try and excuse myself to go to the toilet, hoping that my teacher wouldn't notice that I hadn't taken my turn when I slipped back into my seat. It's probably part of the reason I do what I do. Talking to a camera is easy peasy for me, when it's compared to talking to a room for a people, however it's not something that I've been able to ignore completely. I'm often asked to take part in panels, have toured the country with Lily doing #BeautyChat talks in front of you lot and have even taken part in a Q&A that was in front of 500 people (VOM). Here's the thing though. I sit there getting all sweaty, my heart beating in my throat and whilst I don't find the experience of talking to a room full of 500 people I don't know the funnest thing, I always feel flippin' fantastic when I've done it. I. DID. IT! And I didn't think I could! And I didn't pass out on stage! 

Just to labour home the fact a bit more I'll throw in another fun titbit for you - I hate hospitals. Like 'walk to the room where your loved one is, with your eyes glued to the floor, avoiding all sights/smells/noises' hate. Yes I'm a real wuss. However when your sister breaks her ankle in three places and your parents are out the country, you suck it up and trek to A&E with two pairs of noise-cancelling headphones for you both in tow. Our three day jaunt up the local County hospital was actually very pleasant and at the end of it, both my equally terrified sister and I gave each other a pat on the back because, yep you've guessed it - IT WASN'T AS HORRENDOUS AS WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE. She was such a trooper - mad respect Megan! This too shall pass and all that. We're now both armed with the knowledge that we can hack it in the A&E waiting room should we ever need to again *touches wood* and that noise-cancelling headphones are the best investment ever. 

Some people thrive off that feeling of unease. It's what gets their creative juices flowing. Now whilst I'd usually place myself at the other end of the spectrum, I've been trying to find more of a middle ground with feeling uncomfortable in situations; be it work, personal or social. I'm the kind of person who likes my routine, my planning and to do things that I know I'm capable of without too much risk factor involved. I play it safe, which sometimes is the right thing to do. However every now and again it's character-building and all that, for us to lob ourselves into the unknown; to take on a project unlike anything we done ever have before, to go to a networking event even if the thought of doing so makes us want to roll into a Netflix/duvet ball so hard that we never want to get out, to change jobs where you're so new you don't even know where the bin is. 

So that's what I've been trying to embrace this past month. That feeling of being scared and trying to re-label it as 'nervous excitement for something that's going to feel really bloomin' great when you've done it'. Growth comes from breaking outside of the box and turning your hand to new things so why are we all so terrified of it. We're nuts! 

Aside from conquering my hospital fear, in October a new project was confirmed that is unlike anything that I've ever done before. It's a long ol' slog so unfortunately you won't see the fruits of my labour for quite a while, but it does mean that I'm going to have to take a step back with my content schedule in order to free up some time to take it on, which TERRIFIES ME. My routine! My video schedule! Will I ever be able to finish this project? It's time to get flexible with things, which as a rigid-ass Virgo is not something that comes easily to me. I've got to learn to shake off the nerves, get my head down and rebuild my routine around my new priorities. 

If you're freaking out about dipping your toe into something new then that's COMPLETELY HUMAN. It's cool. You're not weak for feeling a little pang in the pit of your stomach. Be scared, feel scared and then give it a nipple cripple and put it to the back of your mind. You've got this! Worst case scenario it all goes tits up and you work out that whatever it is, it's not for you. But what if it all goes to plan? Then it's back pats galore all round. You've got this. 

A Point In The Right Direction

Ella's 'How To Refresh & Reset Your Career Goals' I find that reading about other people's motivations and goals is always such a kick-up the rear for me to tackle my own and so I loved this post by Ella from Coco's Tea Party, inspired by my favourite book of the moment (see the 'Four Things I'm Loving' section below). It's refreshing to read someone being so open about them as well and it definitely made me think about re-reading those chapters and nailing down some answers myself of what I'd like to get out of my career long-term. 
The 'Cliché' Items French Girls Actually Wear  My Francophile obsession continues, with the recent discovery of a lovely lass called Sabina Socol. I originally found her in a Man Repeller article and have since been liking all her pictures on Instagram and reading everything that she links to. STALKER ALERT. She authored the above article and after reading it I can't stop thinking about whether or not to purchase a beret. True story. I think it's a no, but it did make me want to pull on a Breton stripe and a berry lip and feel all Parisian, instead of my current purple dressing gown and fluffy slipper combo. 
How BFF Marketing Became the M.O for Women's Direct-to-Consumer Brands  Pandora Skyes is another recent lady crush find and this piece about how brands are tapping into 'BFF' marketing really tickled my brain. The funny thing is that I've purchased from, or at least lusted over the websites of every single brand mentioned in this piece - Ganni, Glossier, Realisation Par, Reformation, AYR - and I'm completely sucked in by it all. It works! And I ain't even mad about it! They've created clubs that we all want to be part of. Seriously, if Glossier made charm bracelets a thing again, I'd probably be in. 

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