August Newsletter
It's back! Apologies for the radio silence on the newsletter front over the past month. In all honestly my to-do list got the better of me and although this might seem like a nifty little email that could be mustered up in half an hour, the reality is that it's a rather time-consuming task and when I was looking at ways to cut my workload down temporarily, this seemed like the logical choice to strike off. But I'm back on top of things (kinda) and cooking with gas (kinda). In fact that's what this newsletter is all about. A phrase I stumbled across last month has really stuck with me and has managed to tune down the stress I was feeling and replace it with good vibes only. Want in on the action? Read on...


Lesson #11

Why We Need To Press Pause More Often...

The past two months have been a whirlwind. My diary has been busier than ever and I've found myself planted at my desk at-home less and less. Time feels like it's been snatched from my hands and I've struggled to play catch-up; constantly feeling that no matter how much I manage to squeeze into a day, it's just not enough. Last month I found myself in a place where I had become a moaner. A fully-fledged member of the 'I AM JUST SO BUSY' contingent. It sucked. I could feel the words spilling out of my month, not wanting to say them, but unable to stop them spewing out. Like a really bad case of word vomit that even made me want to slap myself round the face for the severe case of #FirstWorldProblems I was blabbering on about. 

In the end I managed to break the cycle thanks to an Instagram post that cropped up on my feed courtesy of Lucy Sheridan. The post read 'Remember when you wanted everything you currently have?' and in a film-esque moment it was as though in the two seconds that it took me to read it, all my moans and niggles exited my brain stage left. I feel in a very lucky and privileged position to say that yeah, actually my life has panned out in a way that teenage me could never have even dreamt of. All I ever wanted was for my family to be happy and healthy, to find myself a kind man who wanted the same things out of life that I did and to have a job that allowed me to be financially stable and that I actually enjoyed. SCRAP THAT. I have everything that I ever wanted and some. It makes my eyes roll to the back of my head to say it but yeah actually my life as it is right now has exceeded what I wanted and teenage me with my monobrow, wonky teeth and flared jeans that looked like two industrial size vacuum cleaners, would have been very chuffed with the outcome as it stands. 

Now this isn't going to be the case for everyone. Shit happens and if you're currently not in the best place right now, or life is dealing you a massive blow then I'm sending all the love and positive vibes your way. But for those of us who have it pretty good and are letting things like a hefty workload, or a long ol' list of errands and things that really aren't supposed to be that life-altering, get on top of us - then it's time to press pause and give ourselves a reality check. It's an act that we should be doing more often. A mental and physical once over that reminds ourselves that we're all good and in the grand scheme of things IT'S ALL COOL. It sounds simple and it is. It doesn't have to be a deep and soul-searching activity. Just a step back to assess your situation, realise that teenage you would be over the moon with how things currently are and then settling back into the swing of things with a feeling of gratitude and turning #FirstWorldProblems into #Blessed. 

Since I've planted this phrase into my mind, it hasn't changed my schedule or managed to magic up secret pockets of time that I felt I'd lost, but it has shifted my attitude towards it and has just re-adjusted my focus. Instead of moaning that delayed trains have turned my journey to London into a 5-hour round trip, just to record an 11 minute podcast intro, I put a positive spin on it. I have a podcast! Thats's cool! Five hours to get some uninterrupted work done or read a book! Maybe I'll actually finish this month's book club read on time? It might sound a little sickly sweet, but this inner cheerleader is exactly what I need right now and might be worth mustering up if you too have found yourself melting under a larger than usual workload thanks to the understaffed summer holiday period. 

Press pause. Check yourself. What would teenage you think about your current set-up? Reflect. Press play again and tune down the stress volume. 

A Point In The Right Direction

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