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HELLO! An email in your inbox that isn't related to GDPR! How exciting. I'm actually buzzing for this month's newsletter. I've put a lot of love into this edition and have bought back the 'Point In The Right Direction' section to add in some of my favourite reads and listens this month thanks to popular demand, plus there's a few self-promo links to posts and videos you might have missed from yours truly and my four favourite products of the month which I've been raving on about non-stop and you're probably sick of hearing about already - but hey, they're my FAVOURITES. In terms of today's topic I actually asked for ideas on Instagram stories and there were a fair amount of you who had holidays on the brain. Some of you wanted ideas for how to plan a summer break (although I've already done a post on that here for you), but my pal Lily Pebbles came up with the topic that I went for in the end - how do we get back on track after we've had some well-deserved time off? 

Lesson #10

Getting Back ON IT After Time Away

Coming home after a holiday can be truly miserable. Trust me I've been there. I cry on planes often thanks to my ability to be unable to watch any kind of emotion-inducing film without sobbing to the point of the air hostess coming to check if I'm ok (true story). However it's rarely because I'm actually upset, but on the almost 30 hour journey home from New Zealand after an almost month-long honeymoon, I will admit that my bottom lip trembled a little. I'm lucky that I enjoy my job and actually quite like my daily grind - as I'm sure a fair amount of us do - however there is something about coming home that brings on an episode of moping like no other. 
So how do we tackle it? Well that's what I'm hoping to help with today. May saw me travel here, there and everywhere so I've had to do my fair share of recalibrating back into the everyday swing of things. Seeing as we're diving deep into holiday season I feel like there'll be plenty of others in the same boat. So next time you're home after a holiday, a mini-break or just a long ol' Bank Holiday weekend; here's the five step plan to nip your blues in the bud... 
STEP ONE: Unpack. Whilst I LOVE packing - heck, I even make whole YouTube videos dedicated to the topic, I do believe that there are not many tasks less appealing in life than unpacking. It's a combination of the fact that you're knackered, it's time-consuming, you end up with a shedload of washing to do and you're just not on holiday anymore. One way that I like to tackle it is to throw on my noise-cancelling headphones, put on a podcast and try and aim to be completed by the end of it. It's really quite amazing what you can do in 45 minutes when you put your mind to it and you're listening to your podcasting pals in your ear. 
STEP TWO: Answer your emails. So you're unpacked and your physical vicinity is clear, but what about your mental one? There's a million and one starting points, but I feel like a good place to commence regaining your spot in your to-do list, is by sifting through your emails. Not only do you start to filter, reply and catch-up on anything you've missed whilst you've been away; it will also help you to create any action points you might need to get done over the following few days and help you feel more on it as your inbox count start to dwindle. 
STEP THREE: Plan the week ahead. Most problems in life can be solved either by putting on your dressing gown and/or writing a list. It's really quite incredible. Once you've gone through your inbox and cut it back as far as you can, use any action points from it, along with your usual planning techniques to not only plan for the day ahead, or the next day; but instead to commit to a week-long to-do list, just so you can really scope out what you can get done in the next five days. Knowing what my week is going to shape up like is a great stress-reliever for me. Be realistic and make sure you leave enough time to get any other post-holiday errands, tasks and catch-ups done too. 
STEP FOUR: Listen to your body. This is a step that I'm terrible at, but the chances are that after some time away you might not be operating at 100% for a week or two. And that's completely ok. No-one is feeling fly when there is a time-difference and jet-lag involved. So just try to do your best until your body and your brain feel like they're back in-sync again. Make sure you rest. Nourish yourself with plenty of water and food. Sleep whenever you need to, even if it does mean that you're hitting the hay at 8pm.  
STEP FIVE: Document. Whilst it's still fresh in your mind take an evening or a weekend once you're back to document your trip. Now I'm not talking about plastering it on social media here (although if you fancy spamming your feed with 20 Instagrams of your travels then be my guest), but one thing we always like to do whether we've been away is to write a travel diary, either whilst we're there or when we're back. That way we know what we got up to, plus it's always a good reference point to have on hand if you ever want to re-visit. Mark always takes his film camera when we go away too and developing the photos when we're back always makes me so happy. I try my best to put them in an album ASAP and re-live those holiday memories. 

A Point In The Right Direction

'How Social Media Became a Pink Collar Job' by WIRED An interesting read that delves into the statistic that between 70-80% of social media workers self-identify as women. 
'Bringing Up Baby: The Price of Caring' by British Vogue Nell Frizzell reporting on the skyrocketing costs of childcare and why looking after kids the most unaffordable profession there is.
'How Drag Race Helped Me Address My Internalised Homophobia' by Man Repeller A truly great read that makes you realise why RuPaul's Drag Race is not only entertaining but an important and life-changing TV show.
The 'Grazia Life Advice' Podcast  The first episode is with Dolly Alderton who I just can't get enough of right now. DOLLY FANGIRL 4 LYF. Need I say anymore? 

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