Happy November all! It's the time of year when the festive spirit starts to swell and it becomes dark enough to put the light on at approximately 3.30pm. The dim mornings where it's near impossible to put your makeup on without it looking like it's been applied as part of some YouTube challenge video, and the season where you actually look forward to defrosting yourself on an overheated tube carriage. It's also the time of year that I like to dub 'spendy season'; with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the present-buying months just around the corner, (that can get a bit 'One for ME! One for YOU!'), I thought I'd turn to the the budgeting pages of 'An Edited Life' and let you in on some of my seasonal saving tips that it's time to put in place now...

Lesson #14

My Top Tips For Budgeting During Spendy Season

Presents, drinks, parties, weddings, new dress for said parties and weddings, sales, savings, a new coat because your old one is so flimsy that it's letting the chill in - winter is a pretty pricey time of year. So here are 10 things you can do to help your budget breathe during spending season.

Keep Cup. It's a classic, but instead of grabbing a coffee every morning on your way to work, take your own in a keep cup or flask and save yourself up to £40 a month by making your own winter warmer. 

Cancel Classes. It's a busy season for socials and so if you feel like you're not going to be able to make an exercise class because of timings and/or a massive hangover, cancel it in plenty of time to get your money back, or ease back on the exercise classes if your budget is tight and stick to at-home workouts. 

Secret Santa. For the past two years my family and I have done a Secret Santa instead of buying individual gifts for everyone. It works really well if you're all adults who have everything you need anyway and puts a cap of spending. It makes us cry with laughter each year - so much fun.

One Dress. With all the festive gigs coming up in your diary, it's completely understandable to want to invest in a new occasionwear piece, but try and stick to the one and change it up with jackets, shoes and accessories. Vintage and second-hand shops are great places to look to get yourself a bargain that no-one else will be wearing, FOR SURE. 

Split the Wine. Christmas boozing can be pricey and leave you with a massive headache, both literally and with your budgeting figures. Steer clear of pricey cocktails that leave you feeling minging in the morning anyway and find some buddies to split a bottle of wine with, which often ends up being the cheapest option. Drink plenty of water too and drink responsibly peeps! 

Homemade Gifts. For friends, family and unexpected gift givers have some homemade treats on hand to dish out like gingerbread, mints, truffles or if you can't be arsed to cook - bundles so that they can create their own cookies with the ingredients. Easy on the budget and a nice touch. 

Make a List. If you're stressing about all your upcoming expenses then make yourself a list and work out rough but realistic figures that you'd like to hit for each one, then see where you can claw back in your budget over the next two months to accommodate these extra costs. See ya overdraft! 

The Sales. Here's the thing - the sales at the end of November can hold some great deals, but just don't enter them without a plan. Make a list of presents or items that you need, do some browsing now to see what you'd like to buy and then if it does go into the sale - get it. Just don't buy things because they're discounted. 50% off, is still 50% that you need to pay. 

Want more? There's a whole chapter on money in 'An Edited Life! Pre-order it HERE

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