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Well hello there!! After a brief hiatus thanks to moving house and the Christmas break, the 'An Edited Life' newsletter is back and what better way to come back right now, than with a long ol' list of things that will hopefully cheer you up. They've certainly been helping to put a smile back on my face during what is a particularly grim time for us. I think Kate summed it up perfectly with her blog post this week - same storm, different boats and all that. But I hope you are ok and well and healthy and coping and i'm happy to report for smile service...

Lesson #37

A Feel-Good Link Drop: 15 Things To Cheer You Up

Make A Routine. Ok, this is one for those of us who feel organised and just 'better' when we have a routine. If that doesn't float your boat or fulfil your fantasy right now then jump on to my next suggestion. February is a four week month exactly, that starts on a Monday - I KNOW - it was just beautifully made for routines, right? I'm planning on creating some kind of routine to follow with my workouts, but even if you want to create a routine for days you want to read, or meditate, or listen to podcasts, or watch a film - whatever. Write it down, print it out and pin it up somewhere where you can spot it everyday. 

Do 'Some' Movement. I know it's so boring to bang on about about movement again, but I've been favouring short, snappy, low-impact workouts that just make me feel something, you know? I usually love a walk but with the weather being so pants, it's my Peloton App that I've been turning to more. Just a little 15 minute strength class, or a pilates, barre or yoga - heck, even a full-body stretch for just 10 minutes. It gets the blood flowing and that's what I need right now. Easy and breezy. 

Try A New Recipe. Of course we have our old classics that we revisit time and time again in the kitchen (I have a 'RECIPES' highlight on my Instagram featuring most of mine), however it's sometimes fun to try something new. Last week we made a Detroit-Style Pizza and it was something else. If like me you enjoy a doughy pizza that's heavy on the tomato base and easy and toasty with the cheese, then this is the pizza for you. We had ours with pepperoni, jalapeños, honey and a sprinkling of parmesan added after baking. 

Start A Film Club. We had a film club with four of our friends during Lockdown I, and it's been resurrected for Lockdown III because we ain't got nothing else to do in the evenings. We convene once a week on FaceTime, have a wee little catch-up and then we take it turns to pick a film for us all to watch. Do we collate our scores are each film into an extremely nerdy spreadsheet? YES. Do we often find ourselves disagreeing and making lovely films like Julie & Julia extremely polarising? HELL YES. 

Give Embroidery A Go. Basically all my friends are popping out mini humans right now, so I've taken to spending my evenings in front of the box embroidering rainbows onto mini canvas that they can hang on their little one's nursery walls. It'a a cute little personalised gift and something that's (hopefully!) unique too. Etsy* is my port of call when it comes to kits and most are beginner-friendly and easy to pick up. It's the most darn relaxing thing ever. 

Watch Something Cute. I NEED CUTE T.V IN MY LIFE RIGHT NOW, and nothing is cuter than Junior Bake Off (available to streamline online at Channel 4). Once you get over the trauma that is a 10 year old being sent home for their under-baked biscuits and crying on national T.V, prepare for your jaw to hear the floor as a person 1/3rd of your age flawlessly makes a choux pastry or constructs a self-portrait out of bread. They are so encouraging of each other and help each other out all the time which is just the cutest most feel-good thing ever. 

Clear Out Your Pics. I know I just won't stop going on about this app, but 'Get Sorted' has actually changed my life. I previously had 54,000 photos on my phone and in less than a week (and with countless hours dedicated to it), I now have just over 2,000. SAY WHAT!? You basically swipe up or down to remove or keep a photo and it just makes the process very quick and easy, plus it motivates with you with analytics and daily targets (although sadly it's only available currently on iPhone). 

Follow Funny Instagram Accounts. Filed under 'hilarious account that never fail to make me laugh'. I am so here for Luke Millington-Drake and his Kiera Knightly impressions and Benito Skinner's 'Home For The Holidays' video still makes me laugh - 'Daddy have you heard of Quibi?'. I can't. Then who doesn't love Elsa Majimbo?! She is the QUEEN of the memes. 

Have A Nail Moment. Even if it's just a bit of a nail brush and a coat of cuticle oil, a pampering moment with the nails just makes me feel goooood. Of course the real dream is to have Harriet Westmoreland-esque nails and that requires some time and patience, but if you fancy the deets on my full routine to polished tips then check out this Reel

...Or A Facial. I was feeling a bit 'meh' the other day and realised that it had been months since I last indulged in an at-home facial moment and it really does help to perk you up. It doesn't have to take a long time - just 10 minutes if you can spare it - but it left me looking glowier and feeling a bit better the following day. Check out my routine here

Treat Yourself To Some New Bedding. OK, this is a bit of a flashy pick, but upgrading your bedding is just one of the greatest things you can invest in home-wise. We'd been eying up some Bedfolk* bedding for YEARS and Mark recently took the plunge and WELL, it's absolutely glorious and we both keep sleeping in past our alarm because it's just that good. 

Have A Dress Up Night. It seems like a lot of effort to go to when you're not leaving the house, but I have to say that I do actually miss the ritual of getting a bit dressed up and really enjoyed it when we did it for NYE, even though it was just the two of us. Curate yourself a three-course menu, a special cocktail, put on your glad-rags and pretend you're at a restaurant in your own home. 

...Or The Opposite. SLEEPOVER NIGHT! I know this is basically every single night right now, but why not double-down on the cosiness? Treat yourself to a takeaway, put on some candles, get out ALL THE BLANKETS and snuggle down for a night of ultimate T.V. Whether you fancy a film or a series or even gaming (Mark and I have become rather partial to Super Mario Party on the Switch). Make a night out of it! 

Watch The Birds. O.K this is more Mark's thing than mine, but I will admit that his love for watching the birds in the garden is slowly rubbing off on me. There's something relaxing about it and I enjoy the pigeons pecking around on the floor for all the food the smaller birds have dropped. It's cute! We have some feeders, a pair of binoculars and next on the list is a bird book. 

Re-Watch An Old Fave. I read a post that has been shared on IG that stated that we find it comforting to re-watch an old favourite on the T.V because we find it less mentally taxing to digest something we've already seen before and that makes SO MUCH SENSE. I knew there was a reason why I'm thoroughly enjoying watching Parks & Rec for the 78th time. 

A Point In The Right Direction

'It's Time To Talk About Kamala Harris, Colorism & Who Gets To Be First' by Brea Baker for Refinery 29's Unbothered A look at the voices amplified most in American politics and what that says about the nation's investment in whiteness. 
'Jobless, Selling Nudes Online & Still Struggling' by Gillian Friedman for The New York Times A fascinating look into the world of OnlyFans, how it's perceived and the competition within the app. 
'Pandemic Dressing Takes A Dark Turn' by Reyhan Harmanci for The New York Times I saw this be shared *everywhere* when it was first published because I think we all identify with the idea of wearing leggings everyday as the new norm.
'Why Grand Designs Is The Escapist TV We Need' by Bella Mackie for Vogue UK After months of me complaining about needing Grand Designs back in my life, a new series is here and it's exactly what the Doctor ordered.

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