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Welcome back to the 'An Edited Life' newsletter! November is a bit of a weird one isn't it? We're all prepping for the big event, trying to squeeze in all our 'catch-ups' and get ahead before the real rush kicks in and yet there's probably still a fair amount of stuff to get ticked off before you can really start to relax for the festive season. Business-wise there's also a fair amount of forward-planning for 2020 to think about whether you work in a role, are a freelancer or own your own business. So today I thought I'd arm you with a few tools to download and get your head around now, so your work life will be much easier once Q1 rolls around...


Lesson #24

The Mobile Tools To Help You Edit Like A Boss

I am always, always trying to get my screen time down on my phone and each Monday my phone pings and just loves to tell me that my screen time is up by an eye-watering percent from last week's figure. I'm pretty sure I'll get to the point where it tells me that I've actually spent 100% of my waking hours with my finger attached to the screen. Here's the thing though, more often than not I'm doing something productive that constitutes 'work'. Of course I scroll, I like, I tweet - but mobile apps are changing the game when it comes to business, making it easier to work whenever you are, from just your phone. No need to lug your laptop around, instead just download these apps to edit like a boss on the go... 

For editing PDFs on the go... 
Adobe Acrobat. This app is free to download, but when combined with the Acrobat DC subscription (£7.49 a month here in the U.K), you're able to do so much more that completely cuts your ties to your desktop. Firstly, you can edit a PDF FROM YOUR PHONE. As a typo queen this news is very exciting to me. You can also collaborate on PDFs with colleagues so much easier instead of having to endure a lengthy email chain with attachments galore. Recipients just get an email with a link to your PDF. They click to open, view it and can comment directly in the PDF and send it back, making gathering comments and approvals a streamlined process. A great tool for creating my worksheets and making the communication with the designer a million times faster and easier. 

For organising your receipts in a matter of minutes...
Abobe Scan. We all know that expenses are THE WORST, but it was actually Mark that introduced me to this app and it's made such the difference when it comes to collating receipts. A free app, it's basically like having a scanner in your back pocket. You take a picture of your receipt, the app detects everything - even handwritten text - and creates a PDF of whatever you're trying to scan in a matter of seconds. It's then ready to save onto your phone or send in an email, or share to your desktop - whatever. It's actually dare I say it... fun. If you're scanning a business card, it automatically adds the info into your devices contacts. Madness. 

For signing on the go... 
Adobe Sign. I have been using this app for years. Not living in London, signing contracts in person isn't always the most time-effective thing, so being able to sign documents remotely and within a matter of minutes has been a real game-changer. Now you can create manage documents from your phone; adding information or signature fields wherever you want into a doc. I'm not going to lie, signing your signature on your phone screen does make you feel like you're living in the year 2085. It's pretty impressive. 

A Point In The Right Direction

'How Bon Appétit Became A YouTube Sensation' by Haley Nahman for Man Repeller  A long read about my favourite food franchise of all time - Bon Appétit - and my favourite internet personality of all time - Claire Saffitz. Absolute HEAVEN. Loved the deep dive into the behind the scenes (and FINALLY the story of how and why Claire left, and came back).
'The Often Perilous, Sometimes Lucrative, and Ever-Evolving Business of Being a YouTube Star in 2019' by Richard Lawson for Vanity Fair I love reading pieces from traditional press about YouTube and the social media industry and this was truly a fascinating read. Kudos for the fact that they interviewed people with a large range of viewers, but it did make me feel VERY OLD. 
'Leek Carbonara with Garlic Crumb Topping' by The Mothercooker  This recipe instantly sung to me because leeks are officially the best vegetable. I LOVE 'EM. One of my favourite pasta dishes, including leek and with a garlic crumb? Sold. I will admit that I have yet to make it, but it's on the list and could very easily be made veggie if you just removed the prosciutto and it takes just 30 minutes to make. 
'The Creator of @90sAnxiety Unpacks The Appeal Of His Five Most Popular Posts' by Harling Ross for Man Repeller  I adore this Instagram account (and Mark does too - it's one of the few that we share with each other whenever we've seen a good post). Much nostalgia. Much Kate Moss. Much brilliant fashion choices. Those Friends polaroids? I literally gasped when I saw them. 

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