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HAPPY OCTOBER GUYS! The Christmas countdown memes have started, the heating has been switched back on and the big news over here is that I've finally completed all the 'An Edited Life' edits. It was looking pretty hairy there for a minute and I will admit that a Kim Kardashian-cry did happen at one point the day before the edits were due and my time-of-the-month hormones came in to say hello. Oh it's been a barrel of laughs over here! So I thought I'd share all the usual newsletter stuff - my top reads, posts and shopping picks for the month - along with my advice for how to hit a deadline, even when you feel like with all the time in the world you're still not going to reach it... 

Lesson #13

What To Do When You've Fudged Up Your Timings

This isn't a classic 'How to comfortably reach a deadline' piece. This is advice that's hopefully an antidote for 'OMG I'VE BEEN A COMPLETE KNOB AND REALLY MESSED UP MY TIMINGS HERE' moments, which is exactly what happened over the past month in regards to the editing process of 'An Edited Life'. I had three weeks in total to complete the edits and did I use them wisely? NOPE. I spent one week putting my fingers in my ears and pretending they weren't there, leaving myself just two weeks to edit 13 chapters. That's kinda do-able, except those two weeks happened to coincide with a four-day trip to Amsterdam to see our friends, six trips up to London and a flurry of other brand work that had all come in at the same time. FUN. So I'm speaking from first-hand experience here; here's how to get through and still hit your deadline, even when you've been a knob... 

DON'T PANIC. The first reaction you have is likely to be one of panic. When I counted up how many chapters I had to edit, did a quick browse of my Editor's notes, saw all the changes I'd have to make and cross-checked it with my diary, my heart started to pound faster and my brain turned to soup - real helpful. BREATHE. Nine times out of ten there is a way to get through it, and for the one time out of ten that it's just not possible, apologise to those who it affects and negotiate a deadline that you 100% know with certainty that you'll be able to hit. 

WRITE A PLAN. Obviously the fix here is to write a plan. When the panic started to set in I sat down with my schedule, worked out what chapters I could get edited on what days - taking into account how long I thought each chapter would take, the other work I had to complete and what meetings, events and deadlines I had for other projects - and drew up a realistic to-do list. 'Realistic' is the key word here. If it ain't that then you're already on a one-way street to deadline-induced stress. If anything make it too cautious. Already ticking off items from tomorrow's to-do list? FAB. 

CLAW BACK TIME. I'm not one to advocate running yourself into the ground and working outside classic working hours, but sometimes, just sometimes, we have to do what we need to do in order to reach a deadline (especially when we've been a knob with timings - hopefully we'll learn a lesson, right?). Maybe it's getting up earlier, or working for the morning of a Saturday and Sunday? I found that a 5.30am wake-up call worked well for me because I'm definitely a morning person, so that gave me an extra hour or two to get stuff done in the morning. If the opposite is true for you then work later into the evening. 

TREAT YO'SELF. You have to have some kind of reward ready and waiting for you for when you hit your deadline, right?! It will help you give you an extra oomph in those final days and hours, and taking a moment post-deadline will give you a chance to reflect on your work over the past couple of days/weeks/months and evaluate your progress. I opted for a large G&T in the bath, along with a book and a body scrub. Sure, it was a little luxurious for 5pm, but it felt GREAT. 

Best of luck! 

A Point In The Right Direction

'How Do I Share My Life While Maintaining Privacy Online' by Pandora Skyes for Man Repeller  Never have I ever read something about the complex relationship between social media sharing and privacy and nodded along with such enthusiasm. This is EXACTLY how I feel about the topic. 
'A Star is Born: The Easter Eggs Bradley Cooper Hid in His Lady Gaga Remake' by Vanity Fair If you too, like me, have watched 'A Star is Born' over opening weekend and CANNOT think about anything else (and are still unable to listen to 'I'll Never Love Again; without crying), then this is for you. 
'Hedi Slimane Rips up Celine's Female Design Philosophy at Paris Show' by The Guardian  I've been pretty fascinated by all this coverage and commentary of the Celine show at this SS19 fashion week and have been gobbling it all up, but this take by Jess Cartner-Morley is one of my favourite pieces. 

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