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Good morning! HAPPY NOVEMBER! Judging by the general mood of world right now, I'm guessing that October just 'wasn't the one' for the most of us and I can fully raise my hand and be part of that group. The vibes were low, the weather has been PANTS and with many of us facing lockdown again or already in it, it's all just a bit necessary, but grim right? So I thought I'd attempt to add some cheer with a list of things that I plan on doing over the festive season and some activities to dip into whenever you're bored of watching the 29798th season of Housewives - whatever the weather, whatever is going on in the world (NO PUB QUIZZES - PROMISE!)...


Lesson #36

What To Do This Winter: 10 Activities To Do Whenever

Seeing as we are in for a long winter, bookmark this newsletter as something to come back to when you're feeling a bit low and uninspired. Here's a checklist that I'll be working through over the coming months: 

Take Up Knitting. I've spent a lot of time in bed over the recent weeks (NOT PREGGERS - just a boring bug), and to while away some time I decided to start knitting. I'm not going to lie, my Grandma makes this look easy but once you find the rhythm I spent HOURS click clacking my needles. I bought a starter kit from Stitch & Story, but Wool & The Gang have some great ones too. 

Make a Mood Board. It's something that I rarely do, but when I do remember to do it, I love it and feel a rush often much needed inspiration. It can be focused on whatever you fancy; whether it's interiors, or style, or just a board of #LIFEGOALS - whatever the content I enjoy making them most on Canva. It's a great tool anyway for bloggers, but it makes creating them so easy and intuitive and easy to share. 

Do A Fashion Show. I am 100% doing this one as I am well and truly in a 'I HAVE NOTHNG TO WEAR' rut right now. I mean 80% of my clothing is in storage, but I still have plenty here to make it work. So look at your Instagram saved boards and Pinned images and see what you can improvise with your own wardrobe. Challenge yourself to buy nothing new (and if you do - try to make it pre-loved), and see how many outfits you can put together - snapping pictures of each one to have for reference. 

Download Hayu. THIS IS NOT SPONSORED, but as a lover of all things reality television it's perhaps the best £4.99 I spend each month. There's approximately 19878 seasons of Housewives on there, Below Deck is great and don't even get me started on this season of The Bachelorette - give me the next episode IMMEDIATELY. Watching it feels like I am slowly fading away brain cell after brain cell, but sometimes you just need that, right? 

Check Back In With Your Reading Challenge. I challenged myself to read 50 books this year and although things are a little behind right now - it's all cool. Sometimes we just need to take a breather. So check back in if you too made yourself a goal and see if you can pick it back up. If you're in need of some inspiration why not join 'The Edit Book Club' Facebook group, or have a flick through my Goodreads to see the most up-to-date lists of what I've been reading. 

Cook Something Challenging. If cooking isn't fun or relaxing for you, then just discard this recommendation completely - but if you do like to challenge your inner Nigella then maybe it's time to try something new and learn some new skills in the kitchen. I've added a recipe down below that I'll be giving a go this month, but I'm also on the hunt for a really deep-filled apple pie recipe too - send 'em over! 

Have a Clear-Out. You knew this would be on here!  It's my favourite rainy day activity and I am itching to be reunited with the contents of our storage locker so we can do one final big declutter as we move our stuff into our (fingers crossed!) new home. If you're not sure where to start then there's always a little book called 'An Edited Life'*, or try this blog post with my top 10 pointers for where to begin. 

Do An Update. If you too have a social media thang, why not do a bit of housekeeping? Maybe you want to update your Like.To.Know.It page, or is your Instagram bio from like three years ago (mine was until I re-wrote it last week!). Maybe you could create a Linktree to add to your Instagram bio, or can you recategorise the pages on your blog so it's easier for readers to navigate? If you're unsure where to start Vix Meldrew has some great ideas. 

Do That Thing That Will Make Your Life Easier. We all have that one task that will make our lives easier, but we continually put off. You know what it is, right? Well maybe it's time to DO IT. For me it's sorting out the 50,000+ photos on my phone. Quite the impossible task, but the least I could do is to organise my folders more efficiently so I can easily find saved Instagram Story frames for paid partnerships and finished Reels and IGTVs - WHY HAVEN'T I DONE THIS ALREADY?! 

Get Prepped for 2021. I know this sounds wild, but I've already done a few things to set myself up for the new year. In terms of online organisation I've prepped all my Monday boards for 2021 (and colour-coded them which was very exciting), and I've purchased my Appointed Year Task Planner too. Just some small things, but the feeling of being 'ready' gets me excited for the new year. 

A Point In The Right Direction

'Hi' by Chrissy Teigen on Medium If you read one thing this month, make it this. Heart-breaking but hopeful in such a devastating time. 
'Influencers Are The Retailers of the 2020s' by Emily Farra  As someone who shops pretty much exclusively though swipe-ups and recommendations from people online, I get this.
'Sohla El-Waylly Goes Solo' by E. Alex Chung on Vulture When it comes to the Bon Appétit failings, I take Sohla's lead and if you too are a former BA fan - READ THIS. WE <3 SOHLA!
'Créme Brulée Pie' by Erin Jeanne McDowell on Food 52 You guys know I have a thing for custard tarts - specially ones shared by Bella Mackie on IG. This is next on my list. 

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