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It's March! We made it through what are undeniably the grimmest months of the year in the northern hemisphere. Let's all just forget winter 20/21 yeah?! I mean we're not out of the woods just yet, but the days are getting longer, a little sunnier and there's a whiff of spring in the air that I am HERE FOR. Just wait, did I get a note of.... hope?! So things are looking up and now is a great time to revisit your daily routines and habits and see if there's some tweaking that could help you out; whether that's making some changes that will increase your productivity, or carving some time out of your day to fit in a nice lunch or wander round the block. Here's how to do that...

Lesson #38

How To Tweak Your Routine So It Works *FOR YOU*

Play around with your alarm. I know - ground-breaking advice here, but we've been chopping and changing our alarms and bedtimes to work out what feels right for us so that we're not tired, but we have enough time in the day to get through our to-do lists and try and do some fun stuff too (a.k.a play Super Mario Party together on the Switch). Moral of the story - GO TO BED EARLIER - there's absolutely nothing to get FOMO for right now. 

Throw out the rulebook. Let's all forget what we were like with our working and productivity levels this time last year. It's not March 2020 anymore and s**t has changed A LOT since then, so cast your memories of that time aside and stop expecting yourself to live up to those standards. Basically, stop being a meanie to yourself and holding yourself up to unrealistic standards. For me that's meant being ok with not being a person who LOVES waking up at 5:30am to start work at 6:30. Sure I still would class myself as a morning person, but these days I like sleep a little more and I can still fit in what I need to if I wake up at 7 or 7:30. It's constantly reminding yourself that what you're doing is enough and it's ok to be more fluid with your timings as situations change and evolve. 

Switch up your working hours. You might have specific times that you need to clock in and clock off, but if your hours are more flexible or you're working for yourself, then have a think about your working hours. How many hours do you usually work in a day and how do they split up best into your routine. For me I'd rather get ahead and get started early so that I can finish earlier and get a workout in before dinner (see my point below). But if it takes you a while to warm up then have a slow morning and get cracking when you can, working later into the evening if that's more your vibe. Basically if you can be flexible, then lean on in. 

Have a lunch break. This is a common thing for so many of us - especially those who haven't worked from home before -  but BE KIND TO YOURSELF! You're doing enough and you're doing an incredible job and you deserve nice things! Nice things like a decent lunch break, a rest for your eyes from your laptop and some time to clear your head. Whether you want to go for a short walk, call a friend or family member and cook yourself up a slap-up lunch (although cheese on crumpets is my go-to and it's a habit I can't currently break). Add a decent rest midway through your working day into your routine - your afternoons will be wayyyy more productive. Promise. 

Create an 'end' to the working day. This is such an important one for me. Since moving I've struggled to see where my daily workouts can fit in. In the mornings I just want to get on with work and at lunchtime I just want to relax with an episode of MAFS Australia and food, so the best spot once I looked at my routine was after work but before dinner. I clock off at 5pm on the dot, then use the time between 5pm and 6pm to do some kind of movement (either a proper workout, or just a wander outside if I'm not feeling it), just for 30 minutes, giving me half an hour to shower and get myself ready to cook dinner. It's a nice bookend to mark the end of the working day and the beginning of our evenings. 

Keep the weekends work-free. I know that this isn't always possible. I have friends that due to workload or childcare constraints have to get their laptops out at the weekend from time to time to make it work, and if that too is the case for you - then go ahead. If you can try to contain it to one day so it doesn't stretch across your whole weekend, and do your best to keep your weekend work-free days as non-worky as possible. Try to keep your laptop switched off, sit in a different spot to what you usually work in and try and do activities that you wouldn't usually do on a weekday (I'm currently attempting to make some prints out of oil pastels and although they all look horrendous, it's fun to do something that allows my brain to switch off from the work whir). 

A Point In The Right Direction

'The Story of 'Thong Song' by Sisqo' by VICE Video I just absolutely love video series like this; learning how hits were made and how the people that made them just *knew*. The story of this one is wild and you'll never guess who ends up making more from this song than anyone else who was involved. 
'Peanut Butter Brownies' by Delicious Magazine I mean, does this even need a caption!? I would suggest playing around with cooking times here. It definitely needed more than it said, but you still want a bit of jiggle in the middle as it continues to cook as it cools.
'Get Into This Lip Sync Even If You Don't Watch RuPaul's Drag Race' by Rebecca Alter for Vulture I couldn't agree with Rebecca more - Denali's lip sync to 'Pure Love' was pure perfection and I re-watch it at least three times a week. The strut, the clock ticking move, the jumping splits. She truly is the lip sync assassin. 

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